Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas Coast, and has left Houston — the nation's fourth-largest city — grappling with unprecedented flooding. If you want to help those in need, Check out these local Henry County resources.
Community Christian Schools -HELP FOR HOUSTON
Dear Community Parents, Faculty & Staff,
Community is collecting items to send to the people in the Houston area who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The needed items are listed below:
- Cases of bottled water, Powerade, and Gatorade
- Baby items (diapers, wipes, baby bottles, etc.)
- Non-perishable dry goods and canned goods
- Bleach, Lysol, Clorox Wipes, etc.
- Mops, brooms, buckets, etc.
- Contractor bags, gloves, surgical masks, etc.
- Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, floss, feminine products, deodorant, etc.
- Paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper, etc.
- Dog and cat food
- Flash lights and batteries
- New pillows, sheets, towels, and air mattresses
- Tarps
- Duct tape
- Plastic storage bins
- Folding chairs
- Boxes and packing tape
(We are not accepting clothes, books, or toys at this time.)
Donated items can be placed under the tent or inside the tractor trailer parked in the Community parking lot near the corner of Jodeco Road and Chambers Road.  

Thank you for joining with us to help those in need.
Fred Banke
❤ Convoy of Care ❤
AHA will be collecting bottled water to send to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We are collecting at our Stockbridge, Griffin, and Riverdale locations. We will deliver the water on Thursday to the WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News station. The water will then be transported to Texas by Atlanta Peach Movers.
**Help Provide Humanitarian Aid for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey**
The employees of Bennett International Group are gathering vital supplies to help with relief efforts in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. We invite individuals, churches and local community groups to bring supplies to the Bennett office. We are filling tractor-trailers for immediate delivery to a Bennett facility in Longview, TX, which has been setup as a Red Cross Aid Distribution center. There, local volunteers with the American Red Cross will distribute goods to shelters and individuals in Houston and other hard-hit locations in Southern Texas. 100% of the items we ship will go to the victims of this tremendous natural disaster.

Bennett International Group, LLC will be taking donations from the public until they have enough supplies to fill their tractor-trailer, which will then be driven to BOSS’s Longview, TX, location. We are not sure how long this effort will continue. They may decide to make multiple trips.