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Thank you kindly.

The animals are in dire need of presents and gifts...
xmas dog and cat
First we will like send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of 
you for your donations throughout the year.
Large and small they all have made a HUGE difference in the lives of the homeless animals at HPR.
 It is because of your huge hearts and generosity that we can continue to provide day to day care and a "home" for life for the animals we save, so on behalf of these animals that deserve so much and have so little,
THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.
This year we had to put up our Christmas tree a little early than we usually do, the reason for that, is because we are in desperate need of funding.
The animals at HPR are in jeopardy of loosing their "home" if funding doesn't come in real soon, our bank account is at the lowest point right now and we need help.
To top it all our kitties have decided to get colds and this has put a huge nose dive on our funding.
Despite our efforts in fundtaising and grants requests we are just not getting enough funding in and a lot goes out.
It seems that grantor's just have too many grants requests and cannot honor them all.
We do hate asking for donations as much as you hate hearing about it, but since the need is just too great and dire we find ourselves with no other choice, but to ask.
For those of you that are new to the HPR family (that is right you are family, you are not just one more person on our mailing list) please know that we do not only have foster homes all over the country, we also have a very small private (not open to the public) shelter-sanctuary that we are home to 45+ animals.
Many of these animals are animals with special needs, seniors and those that nobody wants, like a zillion of black cats.
Please note that even though we are not open to the public, we are always open to our supporters and anyone who wants to visit the animals, anytime, just say the day, let us know when and come right over.
You are always welcome to come and visit, please know that.
And the only reason of why we are private is because we do not want animals being dumped at our fence as we do have a small facility.

All of the above being said can you please help us decorate our Christmas tree by making a small or large donation today, every little bit counts and as I said the need is dire as of now.

When you make a donation an ornament of your choice will go up on the tree, with any message that you will like to go with your gift or ornament, it can be your name, business name, In memory of..., etc., etc.
Whatever message you choose it will display, when people hoovers over your present or ornament with the mouse.
Please, click on the Christmas Tree or Menorah below to put an ornament or present on our tree or Menorah today. 

Christmas tree  menorah2
If you rather send a check, checks can be sent to:

Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc.
2160 Bay Drive Suite # 14
Miami Beach, FL. 33141

Please note: if you do send checks please e-mail us with the amount of your donation, so we can send your receipt to you via e-mail for tax purposes.
We rather spend the money on the animals than in buying stamps!
Besides one time donations and presents on our tree we desperately need monthly donors of "ANY" amount to be able to support our shelter year around, please give the gift of a monthly sponsorship for the animals by going to:
 once on our homepage scroll down until you see
select the amount you wish to donate monthly from the drop down menu and hit subcribe, is that simple.
Or if you like to set it up with your own bank for a check to be sent to us monthly please e-mail us and we will give you the information you need.
You can see the animals at our facility (not in foster care) needing monthly sponsorship here:
Month donations, go towards basic medical (vaccinations, dewormers, spay-neuter surgeries), food, litter, medications, rent, utilities and shelter suplies, such paper, plates, paper towels, soap, etc. etc.
Other ways you can help the animals with this fundriaser is by printing a few copies of this CHRISTMAS FLYER and distributing it among employees at your job, close by store, vet. office, doctor office or anywhere you can, we really need funds so we can continue to save precious lives Nationwide and care for the ones already saved.

The cats have also put a "Santa Claws" wish list together:
Lets make their wish list come true, shall we!


1. Cat toys.
2. Flea medications like Advantage, Frontline, Revolution for cats.
3. Paper towels.
3. Roccal disinfectant.
4.Terramycine (eye ointment)
 5. Animax
5. Feline Pine or Equine Pinet litter.
6. Dry Food for cats (we feed Kirkland from Costco Dry and Friskie's wet (NO FISH FLAVORS PLEASE),
We also Feed Science Diet dry.
7. Fleece blankets, cat beds, cat scratchers
8. L-Lysine (if possible Twin Lab caps)
9. Laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach.
 10. catnip.
12. Break away cat collars (no black colors please, as these collars are used to identify our black kitties).
13. Paper plates.
14. Cat beds.
15. Fleece Blankets.
16. Memory foam matress toppers of any size ( we cut them up and make cat beds for our senior kitties and for those with mobility issues  with these).
17. Under the be storage bins, and storage containers to use as litter boxes.
18. A good home for each cat and kitten we have will be nice too.:)

Gift Cards are also welcome, any gift card Walmart, Pet Supermarket, Petco, PetSmart, Costco, Taget, K-Mart, Publix, etc. all are welcome.
Wether naughty or nice our animals so deserve a tree with lots of ornament and presents.
HPR is a 501C3 National Non-Profit animal welfare organization, your donation is always tax deductible.

Thank you for your caring and support may God Bless you and yours this Holiday Season and always.
Happy Holidays! XO...
Celene Albano, CEO
Paw-Tel.: 786-999-8239
E-Meow Adoptions: HPRADOPTIONS@aol.com