January, 2017

New Form I-9 Required as of January 22, 2017
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published a new Form I-9 on Monday, November 14, 2016. The new Form I-9 has a revision date of 11/14/2016 N and an expiration date of 08/31/2019. Beginning on January 22, 2017, use of the new Form I-9 will be mandatory.  You can access the new Form I-9 by clicking here, and you can access the instructions for completing the new Form I-9 by clicking here.
The new Form I-9 does present a number of important changes. For example, employees are only required to identify other last names used in Section 1, rather than all names used. Also, below the employee's signature line, there is a checkbox for the employee to indicate whether a preparer and/or translator was used to complete Section 1. The new Form I-9 provides additional spaces, and a supplemental page, to enter multiple preparers and translators, when more than one preparer or translator assists the employee with completing Section 1. Further, in Section 2, employers will find a new "Citizenship/Immigration Status" field in the first line with numbers one through four, which correlate to the employee's selected citizenship or immigration status entered in Section 1.
When the new Form I-9 is completed on a computer, as a fillable PDF form, users will see checks to certain fields to ensure information is entered correctly. There are also drop-down lists and calendars available on the Form I-9 when it is completed on a computer. The Form I-9 completed on the computer also includes instructions on the screen that users can access to complete each field.
If you have any questions concerning the new Form I-9, please contact  Philip Siegel, who can be reached directly at (404) 469-9197, or you can e-mail him by clicking here.