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May 16, 2013
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Director of Development
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Humane Society Naples Introduces Community's Own Version of My Cat From Hell  

Shelter hopes an individual or family can tame the "baddest cat in town."

Naples, FL - The Humane Society Naples is calling all fans of Jackson Galaxy and the My Cat From Hell television series! Volunteers and staff at the local, no-kill shelter have identified Serafina, a two-year old Maine Coon mix, as the most fearsome feline diva in town. The HSN has issued a public challenge to anyone that thinks they have what it takes to "tame the beautiful beast" and meet her one-on-one.

Serafina is a beautiful cat, and catches the eye of anyone that sees her at the shelter. However, she is temperamental and does not play well with others so the shelter has to keep her in the private staff offices upstairs. According to HSN Executive Director Michael Simonik, "Serafina is one of the more beautiful cats we have rescued in my nine-year tenure here, but she's also the most devilish!"

Simonik continued, saying "she must have been someone's housecat, as she has no interest in stepping foot outdoors. She isn't feral but I think she likes to pretend that she is sometimes."  Simonik hopes that someone in the community will want to mimic the feline behavior training techniques from the wildly popular My Cat From Hell show on Animal Planet.

Patricia Connell, Business Manager at the HSN, has opened her office to Serafina and serves as the cat's personal assistant and caretaker at the shelter. According to Connell, "she is a perfect angel if given the right space and attention at her own terms. If I didn't already have a pet at home I would certainly adopt her as my own." 

Serafina was left abandoned in public in a carrier and went unclaimed until the Humane Society Naples rescued her. While in foster care, she was quick to cuddle in bed with her caretaker and was fine if left to her own and treated like the devilish diva she is.  Many cats adjust quickly to a shelter environment before they get adopted, yet Serafina has decided that her role will be to test the limits of everyone and everything that crosses her path.

The Humane Society Naples invites the public to visit Serafina during adoption hours at the main adoption center located at the Naples Airport. Visitors will be escorted upstairs to a private office in order to interact with the cat deemed as exhibiting "Crazy Cat Syndrome." All interactions will be at the public's own risk.

"Serafina" - Photo by Kimberly Joy Photography
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