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May 2016

Thank you for your support of Hispanic Unity. We hope you enjoy learning about our partners' and funders' exciting initiatives. 

Exercise is one of the keys to preventing heart disease, the No. 1 killer of both men and women in the United States, but yet, a Cleveland Clinic survey shows only 20 percent of Americans know how much exercise is recommended for a healthy heart. The survey also showed 40 percent of Americans are exercising less than that recommended amount - 2.5 hours a week of moderate aerobic exercise. 

The survey, which was conducted as part of Cleveland Clinic's "Love your Heart" consumer education campaign, also revealed large misconceptions when it comes to exercise and heart conditions. Only one-third of Americans knew that someone with heart disease needs to exercise the same amount as someone without heart disease.

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Cleveland Clinic is very active in the community and a proud supporter of HUF's Emerging Entrepreneurs program.

Broward College , one of HUF's programmatic partners,  is committed to providing high-quality educational programs and services that are affordable and accessible to a diverse community of learners. The College collaborates with many different organizations, businesses, and community partners to provide its students with a dynamic and interactive education which extends beyond the classroom and into real-world experiences.

In fact, graduates are among the highest earners in the state because of the partnerships Broward College has formed to align its curriculum with workforce needs, guaranteeing students graduate prepared to succeed. With more than 120,000 students who have earned degrees from Broward College, the South Florida job landscape is filled with nurses, mechanics, lawyers, artists, and architects who are proudly part of the Seahawk Nation.
Each year, the College partners with various non-profits to encourage youth to consider college and begin their journey to higher education. One such program is the Unity 4 Teens (U4T) program at HUF, which provides several hundred students with tools necessary for academic and social success. Through U4T, the College and HUF are improving attendance and grades, decreasing suspensions, increasing enrollment into college, and teaching substance use avoidance.

The hope is each of the U4T youth complete high school and attends college to become the next generation of skilled workers and entrepreneurs who will lead South Florida into the future.   

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TrustBridge Health supports Hispanic Unity of Florida's (HUF) Center for Working Families (CWF) program. Through CWF, individuals and families with limited assets receive individual coaching, acquire employment or a better job, increase their savings, reduce debt and improve their credit scores.

TrustBridge Health combines organizations that have served our community with love and compassion for 35 years-Hospice of Palm Beach County, Hospice of Broward County, Hospice by the Sea, Focus Care Home Health, and Harbor Palliative Care.

Through these organizations, TrustBridge Health provides compassionate end-of-life care. When a cure is no longer likely, TrustBridge Health focuses on comfort, dignity, respect and quality of life. They are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to putting each patient and family first.

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