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Here's what you'll read about in this issue of HWHC Healthy Voices:
  • HWHC in the News: 3 steps to helping your community build a healthier workforce
  • What's new on Collaboration roadmap; case study map
  • New blog post: How employers can support and promote healthy communities
  • HWHC in the News: How could brokers and advisers connect with HWHC?
  • Advice for other communities: Video tips from All's Well Waconia

How important is it to ask questions? Author and motivational speaker Warren Berger says, "We're all hungry for the right answers. But first we have to ask the right questions." Likewise, Albert Einstein said, "It's not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer."


This month in Healthy Voices, we examine questions that can help your organization - whether you're brand new to employer-community health collaborations, or looking for ways to take your effort up a notch. (We'll suggest an answer or two, as well.)


3 steps to helping your community build a healthier workforce
"Employers have skin in the good-health game," according to Scott Peterson, executive vice president and chief human resources officer for The Schwan Food Company, in an article just published in The Business Journals.
Peterson describes key steps employers can take to include community health improvement in their business strategy, and suggests some of the questions they'll want to address during the process. He also shares examples of how Schwan's Food is stepping up efforts at its Marshall, Minn. headquarters.
What's new on

  • Who should be at the collaboration table? Check out the new Roadmap to Success to see the potential for public health, government, health care, schools, nonprofits and foundations, community development and businesses of all sizes - and the roles that different organizations can play.
  • Where are collaborations already working? The new Case Study map connects with initiatives across the U.S. - helping us learn from each other's successes.
How employers can support and promote healthy communities

What determines our health? Why does our ZIP code matter? What role can employers play in improving community health ? In a new blog post, Elizabeth Sobel Bloom of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas explores the components of healthy communities and how they can intersect with employer strategies to build a culture of health.
What role can brokers play in improving community health?

Brokers and advisers can "present a compelling business 
case to their customers," explained  Karen Moseley, project manager for Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Communities, in a recent interview with Employer Benefit Adviser. "In fact, HWHC offers [brokers] data and resources that detail why it's worth investing in the initiative."
What advice do you have for other communities?

Check out these new videos from Sarah Urtel and Richard Scott of  All's Well Waconia for tips about healthy community collaborations.
Sarah Urtel, Ridgeview Medical Center: "First, don't be afraid to fail."
Richard Scott, Waconia School District: "We started with what was working."

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