Healthy Voices
In this issue of HWHC Healthy Voices, you'll hear about:
  • New resources for stakeholders interested in being a part of community health and wellness efforts
  • A pioneering community health effort that's still going strong
  • A walking campaign collaboration that's resource-ready
The path to healthier communities depends on stories and lessons learned from both established and brand new collaborations between business and community leaders. Share your stories and ideas - and we'll keep doing the same. Let's keep the conversation going.

Eight-community tour uncovers common challenge 
Over the last year, HWHC representatives have connected with community collaborators in eight different healthy community initiatives across the country. The topic of the visits was to better understand successes and challenges to stakeholder engagement and the role of measures in these initiatives.
We're hearing a common theme: it's difficult to engage employers in healthy community initiatives. That's why HWHC is beginning to develop an online workshop series that will offer practical strategies for bridging the gap - with some sessions targeted to community health leaders, to employers, and several that speak to both audiences.
To see a list of the communities that have shared their experiences, read the new blog post from HWHC project manager, Karen Moseley. 

What can we learn from Albert Lea, Minn.?

The wind chill was 47 degrees below zero in January 2009,  when Albert Lea, Minn.,  did its  walkability study as the pilot site for the Blue Zones Project. The list of that community's healthy successes continues to grow. In one year, 44 percent of the adult population logged over 75 million steps. The program had a direct impact on key business measures as well:
  • Health care claims for city workers dropped 49 percent.
  • Participating businesses saw a 21 percent decline in absenteeism.
Albert Lea's story is highlighted on Learn more.

Step It Up! campaign opportunity
In September, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called on everyone to improve both the
walkability of our communities, and to incorporate more walking into our individual lives.
  The Step It Up! campaign website  includes a variety of resources geared to specific audiences, including video, social media examples, and even a walking playlist on Pandora.
How could your business and community respond to the call for action? Is this an opportunity for a new, or renewed collaboration? 
New resources added

There are so many great tools, websites and articles available for healthy community efforts and stakeholder engagement. We conduct in-depth scans for new resources each month and add these to the HWHC website. Check out these new resources that have been added recently and let us know what you think!
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Finally, we challenge you to walk the talk. Plan to take your own healthy steps. Even better, make walking a collaborative effort with others in your neighborhood or community, or at your workplace. Walking meetings, anyone?

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