Greetings from the Cooley's! Yes, this is another "will you please pray for and/or give as we go to Haiti again" letter. However, THIS TIME THINGS ARE DIFFERENT!


In the past...

  • Caleb and Amanda have helped with English Camp
  • Megan has helped with preschool and nanny training
  • Caleb and Dan have put in black water sewer
  • Dan has repaired the Isuzu Trooper and helped build a house
  • Megan and Dan went to Pierre Brizard to get the well project started
So, we have been able to be part of getting a family out of a tent and into a house, helped train children in English and nannies to raise them, raised 10k and put a well in Pierre Brizard where Megan was the first white woman to enter the village. BUT THIS TIME THINGS ARE DIFFERENT.


JoLynn is coming.


Yes, you heard that correctly.


The well project was such a success we have our largest ever group planning on going this summer.


Right now, JoLynn and Megan are going for sure, and Dan is getting roped in. Megan and Jon went by themselves last summer - amazing!


Micah will probably be in Air Force Boot Camp and Caleb will be at Camp Inlow. We are budging $1,338 a person.


We are also asking for prayer as we are going to an unstable and dangerous country. Getting people to pray for us is our main priority. We will also try to take a group to Pierre Brizard - a difficult 4-hour journey from Port-au-Prince. Whatever money comes in is icing on the cake!


If you are bored, you can find videos, pictures, and stories of our previous trips on our website. 

Just go to cottonwoodchurch.com, click on ministries, and then out outreach.


To pray for us, fill out the card and send it in. We will put you on a list and keep the communication coming. Don't forget to check out the websites!    

If you wish to give a money donation to help us go, you can fill out the card and mail a check to Cottonwood Church, 4041 Barbara Loop SE , Suite B, Rio Rancho NM 87124. Or if you have PayPal you can go to www.cottonwoodchurch.com and click on "giving" and follow the directions. Just make a sure to put "Cooleys to Haiti" on the "purpose line when it comes up.


Thank you so much for your friendship love and support. We will let you know how things go. God Bless!   

Dan and JO


If you want to help...
  • email us at djcooley1111@yahoo.com
  • Cottonwood church Paypal giving link here. Don't forget to put "Cooleys to Haiti" on the purpose line when it comes up.
  • If you want more info on what we are doing, our church Haiti site with stories and videos is here. 
  • The organization we are helping, Maranatha Children's home site is here.  

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