Super-Rich Death Tax leaves Aussie battlers alone
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The last time ASIO monitored a known Islamic State terrorist supporter, we ended up watching a cafe siege in Sydney, with the unfortunate result being the loss of two innocent lives.

Yet, last week it was revealed during Senate Estimates hearings that ASIO is monitoring 190 terrorist supporters

Meanwhile, it has been announced that a third of Australian Defence Force combat ration packs will be Halal certified.

Before the Liberal Government commits to providing Halal certified food, they need to answer the question: is Halal certification money raised in Australia - including money the government has paid for ADF food - finding its way to terrorists?

If it's good enough for the head of ASIO to reveal to Parliament they know 190 Australians are raising funds for the enemy, it's good enough for the government to charge them with treason and sedition.

All Australian terrorist funding networks, including any money they receive from Halal certification, must be uncovered and stopped.

The Liberal Government has dumped their policy  to increase GST to 15% - for now.

But the Liberals cannot be trusted. We know, if the Liberals win this year's election, they will bring a 15% GST back to the table.

I will not vote for an  increased GST and nor will the JLN Senate candidates.
A Super Rich Death Tax would bring the same savings as a 15% increase to the GST, but would target those who could afford it - not Australia's poorest. 

Tim Costello said on ABC Radio National, that such a tax would only affect the top 0.8% earners in Australia. 

It's a clear choice, if you are fair dinkum and want an extra $5 billion a year to repair Australia's budget, then a Super Rich Death Tax is the simplest and fairest way to go.

I have extended my congratulations to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's new-look Cabinet, and I wish them all the best in their new Ministries.

I am looking forward to co-operating with the new Cabinet on fair and sensible policies.

I hope for Australian women's sake, the new Cabinet drops the current plan to cut $650 million from Medicare and cancer and diabetes checks - a policy that is not sensible or fair.

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