"Hallowed be Thy Name"
In Holy Scripture (I Peter 1:16), Jesus encourages us, "to be holy as I am holy".

In Hebrew Tradition, the name of a person (qadash) reflected his or her true nature  body, mind, spirit, character, personality. To debase one's name was to discredit his or her entire being, and, conversely, to laud one's name was to laud that person's persona.

When we call our Father's Name "Holy", we are not only lauding God's Essential Being, but we are also acknowledging our dependence upon Him.

The Greek concept of "Holy" (hagiazo) implies a "setting apart" of someone and consecrating our lives to that person. Hallowing our Father's Name, therefore, acknowledges our dependency on our God and offers to God all that we are and all that we have.

So, how might we undertake such a calling? How might we "hallow" God's Name? We can do so with our lips - in what and how we speak; in our thoughts - in the ways we think, imagine, dream or create; in our lives - in every action we follow; in our families - our relationships, our children; and in our vocations - in the honesty with which we conduct business and deal with others.

Having tried our very best to accomplish these goals, then we will have renewed and transformed that "Holy" within us - for we will have made Gods top priority our top priority; we will have prayed those priorities into reality; and we will have let the Lord's Prayer be answered in our lives.

The result is a personal transformation of our old self into a renewed image of God living within us.

This Lent, let us renew and transform that image of God within us every time we say the Lord's Prayer, every time we set ourselves and God apart in a special relationship and every time we "Hallow His Name", that, "we may be holy, as our God is holy".

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...

**Click on the YouTube video below, click to Skip the Ad, and listen, as you recite and meditate on the Lord's Prayer, especially focusing on, "Hallowed be thy name".

Submitted by
The Rev. Dr. David Angelica

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