Indigo Wellness Center


Special Treat..........
Halloween Unhappy Hour Yoga
with Leslie Venti
October 31st 5:45-7pm
All levels, Costumes Welcome!
Celebrate Halloween at Indigo in our all levels Hatha Class. A rockin' class featuring creepy crawlies, dead bugs, mad cats, swaying trees and crows....and of course, we'll end with dead body pose.  Ooohhhmmmm! 

Class is 1/2 price if you wear a costume!!

Class Cancellations this week:

Sorry to say we will not have the following classes

Friday 7pm Community Yoga Class (Laughter Yoga) Cancelled

Sat 9:45am Pilates Yoga Fusion class cancelled

Sat 11am Yoga Fundamentals class cancelled

There are random clothes left behind if people would like to come down and claim them, they can contact me or come by just prior to a class starting. We plan on donating what is not claimed on November 2nd.

Let us know and thank you!

Indigo Wellness Center
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