Middle School Division
1st Place 
Outstanding Film

Franken Sneakers  
The Well in the Woods
2nd Place
Outstanding Film

Pedro Productions
Frights of the Dark

3rd Place
Outstanding Film

Hartland Homeschoolers
The Park

High School Division
1st Place 
Outstanding Film

Caramel Hippo Studios  
2nd Place
Outstanding Film

The Black Cats
The Curse of the Woods

3rd Place
Outstanding Film

All-Star Productions
The Shoveling

Adult Division
1st Place 
Outstanding Film

Shepherd & Eagle  
A Disappearance
2nd Place
Outstanding Film

Fairy House Films
Little Polly Playmate

3rd Place
Outstanding Film

Mortician's Club
The First Straw

Best Screenplay
Middle School - Franken Sneakers
High School - Eigengrau
Adult - Fairy House Films

Best Actor 
Middle School - Kody Wessel (Pedro Productions)
High School - Owen O'Leary (Backstop Films)
Adult - Noah Detzer (Shepherd & Eagle)

Best Actress 
Middle School - Clare Molineaux (Middlebury Mayhem)
High School - Jenni Cowdrey (Monsters University)
Adult - Amanda Katz (The Scene Team)

Audience Choice

Middle School 
First Place - Franken Sneakers
Second Place - Hartland Homeschoolers
Third Place - Clay and J

High School 
First Place - Caramel Hippo Studios
Second Place - Backstop Films
Third Place - Darkfire Productions

First Place - Shepherd and Eagle
Second Place - Fairy House Films
Third Place - Appalachian Morticians Club

Best Scream: Samantha (Clay & J)

Best Music: Jenn Turbes (Appalachian Morticians Club)

Best Special Effects: Darkfire Productions