October 2014
"Better Homes and Gardens Today"
Support Gubbio and other community organizations through the purchase of local art!

Gubbio supporters Christopher Statton and Megan Wilson have teamed up to create the installation and public project, "Better Homes and Garden Today." The show is currently housed at ATA (Artists Television Access). Statton and Wilson will partner with (and benefit) three community organizations including The Gubbio Project! 

The artists will spend October painting 300 "Home" signs in 15 languages in the window space of ATA. The signs will be available for purchase for $100/pair. The purchasers will get one sign for his/herself and the other sign will be donated to one of the three partner organizations to use as they see best fit.
The project is intended to raise awareness around home and homelessness in San Francisco, promote dialogue between disparate groups and raise money for community organizations doing good work. The other two organizations who will benefit are The SF Coalition on Homelessness and At The Crossroads. 

Please support The Gubbio Project and our community members by coming to one of two events on: October 29th and 30th at ATA [992 Valencia St]. Gubbio and other non-profit partners will speak about the work we do and the signs will be available for purchase. More to come!

Here's an article in the Mission Local about their work.
Spotlight on Robbie Welsh

Robbie Welsh has been a regular volunteer at The Gubbio Project for about 8 months. He happened upon the project last February, drawn to the stained glass windows. The experience was powerful and he signed up to volunteer that week.

Robbie is a fine art photographer and his flexible schedule has allowed him to be a regular volunteer. To see Robbie's work, check out his website! 

On volunteering at Gubbio Robbie says, "I find it rewarding to work with staff and volunteers who share a common thread with regard to their commitment to the well-being of those in need. I noticed that over the last several months, I have gained the trust and developed a rapport with many of the folks who come to the project. I hope that by being non-judgmental, understanding, and offering a few kind words allowed this to happen." 

"I share my experiences working at The Gubbio Project with friends and family, and the stories I tell have helped to break down stereotypes of the homeless and encouraged greater compassion and empathy when we see people on the street who are in need. I draw inspiration on a daily basis from the people who come to St. Boniface that are grateful, as many of them find ways to cope and are able to offer a smile, considering their circumstances."

Thank you, Robbie! We appreciate your work with our guests and in bringing greater awareness to the broader community!
"People that are homeless" 
-Jose Lopez, Staff Member


The other day I was walking to the bus stop after work and I saw a mother and her child walking down the sidewalk.  I looked at the little boy, he must of been three or four, and I saw how happy he was.  He was smiling just like all children should, not having a single worry to think about.


I then thought to myself, I hope that boy is never homeless.  I got so sad picturing that little boy growing up and ending up on the streets.  His life flashed by in my head and picturing him suffering from poverty and homelessness was heartbreaking.  This little boy, having a good day, laughing, and playing, growing up to be like one of our guests at the Gubbio was a horrible thought.


In my experience with the injustice of homelessness, if you are someone who lives on the street then that is the only identity people think about.  Before this year, when working with people who live on the streets I would only think of them as being people who struggled with poverty.  I would think about what caused people to become homeless.  I would think about what could be done to help people off the streets.  This mentality creates the identity of a "homeless person".


We should change the identity of a "homeless person" to a "person that is homeless".  I don't want to work with the guests at the Gubbio and only think of them as being homeless.  I want to think of them as a child laughing and having a great day playing and messing around.  I want to think of them on their wedding day, celebrating a major moment in their live with all their loved ones.  I want to think of them holding their grandchildren for the first time tearing up with joy.


A person is not defined by being homeless, a person just sometimes is affected by homelessness. 


See Jose's Blog here!

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Do you have an 
electric griddle? 

We need to borrow 3-4 electric griddles for an upcoming event in November. Please, contact Emma if you have a griddle that Gubbio can borrow for the morning of 11/11/14. 

Thank you!
Guest-run sock drive

Gubbio volunteers and staff were impressed when Kevin, who regularly rests on the pews of St. Boniface, walked into the sanctuary last week with many packages of brand new socks and donated them.

Kevin noticed that Trinity St. Peter Episcopal, the church he attends, collects needed items for homeless folks.

Inspired by this, Kevin decided he wanted to help bring socks to Gubbio. He made an announcement during the service that he knew many men who needed socks and wanted to bring 150 socks to Gubbio. 

He's well on his way now and will bring more next week! 

We asked Kevin why he decided to run a drive for folks, who like him, are resting on the pews of St. Boniface and he said simply, "to help people."
Gubbio Registry!

The Gubbio Project Registry is a great way to give a concrete gift to guests of The Gubbio Project. 

New additions to the registry are:

- salt and pepper shakers for breakfast Program

plastic tumblers for breakfast program

Always needed:
- Socks
- Cough Drops
- Trash bags

2014 Jazz Brunch

Each Veteran's Day The Gubbio Project holds a fun, festive brunch for our community with live jazz music!

We need volunteers to help prepare the meal and clean-up afterward.

There will be over 100 people in attendance, mostly folks who have been resting in the sanctuary of St. Boniface that morning. Space is limited so let us know soon if you want to volunteer.

Contact Emma if you would like to volunteer and be a part of this event!