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Monthly News and Updates - July/August 2017  

At the Adult Day Center (ADC), loved ones, including those with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, can spend an enjoyable day with our caring family. For caregivers, our program offers a much-needed break from daily caregiving stress and responsibilities.
For the Birds

Basking Ridge resident, Brad Henry, is paying it forward with an ongoing community service project to benefit the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church's Food Pantry (God's Co-op Pantry.) Brad's mom, Mabel Henry, attended our Center many years ago. In appreciation of the great care she received, he reached out to our members to partner with him in decorating the bird houses he was building. On the blank outside birdhouse walls Brad provided, we designed a sketch and our members colored the design during activity time. The completed and beautifully decorated birdhouses will be displayed and for sale at the local English and Crane Farm stands. Our members have enjoyed participating in the worthy cause and we appreciate Brad for including us in the project.

On August 8th,  Adam, Jackie, Sally and Anti (L-R) from  Investors Bank volunteered for our monthly  "Day of Caring." Everyone enjoyed a lively game of BINGO with prizes donated by Investors Bank, along with coffee and donuts as snack. A fun time was had by all!

A Note about Heat and Older Adults

Our ADC nurse, Laura Cummings, Clinical Manager of Community Health Services at the VNA of Somerset Hills, shares an important tip about the risk of heat in the elderly:

"Elders are more prone to heat-related health problems . If you're a senior or caregiver, keep a close eye on your loved one. Older adults do not adjust to sudden changes in temperature, they are more likely to have chronic medical conditions that change normal body responses to temperature changes, and they are more likely to take prescription mediations that affect the body's ability to control its temperature."

Baking is Good for Mental Health

Most individuals have some recollection of baking as a child with their mother, grandmother, or other family member. Those childhood memories linger into our adult lives as we repeat the cycle with our own children and grandchildren. Sometimes the scent of a freshly baked pie or cake will trigger a return of those wonderful memories.

According to a growing range of sources in both the culinary and mental health worlds, baking has been found to have therapeutic value, which helps to ease depression and anxiety. Cooking is also meditative, helps stimulate the senses, is creative, and makes other people happy.

At our Adult Day Center, members enjoy the Baking with Nancy program during each month. Best part of all is the tasting!

Our Members Enjoy Their Garden
The herbs and tomatoes are abundant this summer!  Gardening is a total sensory experience and very important in most seniors' lives. It can be a wonderful, therapeutic activity for individuals who are memory impaired. Our members feel a sense of accomplishment by watering, picking or planting seeds or plants. There is the opportunity for socializing with peers, and a walk in the garden provides exercise. For many, gardening evokes memories of growing up during the depression era when they remember growing vegetables and fruits to feed their families. Touching and smelling flowers and herbs fulfils the olfactory and tactile senses. Creating a sensory garden experience stimulates the mind and opens the floodgates to joyful memories and a sense of peace.     


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