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Numerologists say that this is the happiest day of the year, that only good things can happen on 11.11.11. I think they are probably right; around the world, the people are agreeing with the day.month.year and even the people, we are all talking the same language. How often does that happen?
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Environmentalists are celebrating and Albertans are sulking as the Keystone XL pipeline gets punted down the road until after the next election. But meanwhile, US Energy Use Is Climbing Again.  
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Time for a rethink, a realignment and a re-election. Obama Delays Keystone XL Decision for 12-18 Months, Pipeline's Future in Doubt 



Lets just stop being  sycophantic about their recycling. This is the real coke.  Grand Canyon Abandons Bottled Water Ban, After Meetings With Coca Cola 


Sami cuts through the clutter and tells us that reusable bags won't save us, but collective action might. Why Green "Lifestyle Choices" Will Never Save Us 

With Condoms, Tea Bags, Flip Flops, and More, London's Science Museum Celebrates the "Genius of Everyday Things" 
Six years after I first asked this question, It seems that nothing has changed at all.  Is Bamboo Flooring Really Green? We Still Don't Know.

Talk about living in a bubble!
Cloud Cities: An Interdependent Web of Inflatable Geodesics
How many more cyclists have to die in the name of "competitiveness"?. Canadian Government Rejects Side Guards on Trucks That Might Save Cyclists' Lives
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Visionary or crackpot? Listen and decide. Dickson Despommier on the Rise of the Vertical Farm
In Parentables: It's Remembrance Day in many countries, Veterans day in the US. Lest we forget.  30 Lessons I Learned from My U.S. Marine Dad

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