Lance Luke & Senator Akaka 

Kisco in Walnut Creek Dec 2015
This month, I had lunch with my friend Senator Dan Akaka.  Next month I am looking forward to the Super Bowl and Chinese New Year.  Although I won't be in the Super Bowl, I will be celebrating Chinese New Year by marching in the Chinatown parade.  
Last month, I had the opportunity to visit two assisted living projects renovated and managed by Kisco Senior Living.  Kisco is a national firm that owns, manages and develops independent and assisted living facility properties throughout the US.  Kisco developed an assisted living Ilima at Leihano, in Kapolei, where I was the Federal HUD construction inspector on the project. I had the opportunity to visit a property in San Rafael and one in Walnut Creek, California.   

I must say that 2015 was an exciting year for me and CMI as we not only helped clients on Oahu but also did business on the neighbor islands and on the Bigger Island.  The Bigger Island took us to work in Portland Oregon, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, California and to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Be on the lookout for my new book co-authored with Brian Tracy titled "Beat The Curve", which should be released by the publisher in the next month or two.   Following that, is another construction industry book release scheduled for the first quarter of this year.
I have been selected this year both as a speaker for a number of local seminars and as a national speaker for various conferences and webinars on the mainland.

In addition to San Francisco's Chinatown, I visited what will be the largest high rise building in San Francisco.  The building is called the Sales Force Tower.  The large city block and the footprint of the building was so large that it took over 20 minutes just to walk around the building's foundation.  The building will be 1070 feet high and will surpass the famous SF landmark the Transamerica Pyramid by more than 200 feet.  It will have 61 stories and consist of 1.4 million square feet.  

To get some perspective on the size, the First Hawaiian Bank Center building downt own Honolulu is 429 feet high, 30 stories and 645,834 sq ft.

Speaking of things Chinese, I was elected this year as Vice President of the Kung Sheong Doo Society.  Most recently I am now a Director of the Ching Shan Association as well.  

Lance Luke

A Brian Tracy quote:

"Lance Luke is one of the very best construction managers, and experts in construction in the country today."

This is the Year of the Monkey.  Kung Hee Fat Choy!

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