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To celebrate Independence Day a day of FREEDOM here in the U.S., here are 3 F*REE gifts to say


3 Powerful Interviews for MIND, BODY, SPIRIT!





Rev. Karen Russo

REDEFINE what it means to be happy, healthy, and wealthy - It's not really about the money! 

ACHIEVE your personal and financial goals with Universal wealth-creation strategies



Rev. Karen Russo is a next-generation spiritual abundance mentor. She holds an MBA from Columbia University and has extensive experience as a corporate trainer, top-selling salesperson, and financial services professional. As an ordained minister with the United Centers for Spiritual Living, Karen brings a unique blend of financial knowledge and spiritual direction to wealth. She  is known by her clients and friends for her wonderful mix of interests in big, spiritual ideas and down-to-earth enjoyment of sports, travel and the arts.


Book: The Money Keys 



"The beautiful being I know as Rev. Karen Russo is a faithful servant,

 student and teacher of universal spiritual principles."

- Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder Agape Spiritual Center, author of Spiritual Liberation, and featured in The Secret




Trena Boldenfields


How to Get Started & Make A Living As An Actor


Trena enjoys working with aspiring actors or individuals searching for ways to love and accept self completely. learn more about self-love and transformation. Through my innovative and detailed information, learn the importance of self-love and key steps to transformation.



Book: For Love-Trena's first published book featuring her journey of love. 







Bettina Risch

All Natural, Organic Make-Up, Skin and Hair Care


Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional

Ava Anderson Cosmetics


You'll really like the mineral foundation: it's made from French mineral rich clay and absorbs toxins as well soothes inflammation. It dries out break outs on your skin and heals them faster.




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