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2015 December Newsletter 
December 12th 
Second Saturday

Enjoy the last Second Saturday of the year!
This will be the last time we operate our vehicles in 2015 so.... come spend the day with us

The World of WAAAM
Paper Airplane Flying Contest

Competition like this is not just for Red Bull! Bring your best design and show your stuff. Any Age, Any Ability, Anybody up for and indoor airshow?
What is the history of the paper airplane? Well, that seems to lead us to the question of what came first the aeroplane or the paper plane! 

The origin of this dried paper pulp craft is a mystery. Do a little internet sleuthing... and then build yourself a paper airplane. 
Join us
9am    Museum Opens
10-2    Action!!!
11       Restoration Shop Tour
11-1    Lunch
11:30  Paper Airplane Contest                  Warm up & Practice
Noon  Caboose Tour
12:30  Paper Airplane Contest -"Tricks" 
1         Restoration Shop Tour
2         Paper Airplane Contest - "Distance"
5pm    Museum Closes

Holiday Picture Opportunity in select vehicles 10-2
Bring your camera 

After Hours at WAAAM
(life does not always quiet down 
when the clock strikes 5)

Teens & Robots

Click here to see the
2015 Holiday Float
The Hood River Holiday Parade was a great success with so many folks out enjoying all the gorge has to offer. WAAAM participated with a Float and three antique cars and a dozen volunteers. Our Float: the Children's Control Tower, and 2 kiddy planes all lit up for the evening.                                                                   On our (Museum) end it was a bit of a comedy of errors and we are all very glad that there will be no behind the scenes blooper reel but we pulled it off. Originally we started out with 3 antique autosand the float but one of the old antique cars didn't make it past the flag pole! We accidentally went past the staging area and then another (antique) car quit and Andy had to tow it away because it wasn't going to start for anything (and some of the crew said it was sparking). The float and the last auto made it through the parade with much accolades and cheering but on the way home the last antique car quit.... It was driving behind the truck and trailer that was hauling the float so the trailer folks didn't realize that they lost their old buddy. So what happened? We sent out another retrieval team to pick it up but the last antique car crew it got started and drove it back to the nice warm museum and Jay wound up left on a street corner (on accident... really)  so we had to go back into town again to get him. With all of the shenanigans Stephanie rolled her ankle!
 Just another day at the museum. REALLY.

2 T-Birds Donated
Volunteer Steve Tolson has made two "pick up"  trips to get our most recently donated automobiles - a 1962 Thunderbird and a 1966 Thunderbird. 

Both are from Duncan 
Johnson from Puyallup, WA and boy do they look snazzy! 

See them on Second Saturday.

Thank you Duncan - What a gift!

Volunteer of the Year
Drum roll please....

Gene Wright!

Announced just last night at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner held at the Museum among all of the beautiful antique plane and cars was this dedicated volunteer.

Gene Wright of Hood River has been involved with WAAAM since the doors opened in 2007. 

Director Judy Newman says "Gene has a spark that he passes on to all of us. His dedication to the the museum is mind boggling. He: teaches Model T School, docents, repairs, promotes, retrieves, manufactures and donates and even makes coffee. This is a man with a passion for our transportation history."

Gene and his wife Bonnie have donated a couple of 
"Early Racer" automobiles and much memorabilia. You will see his Model A in front of the museum each Second Saturday. Wright was a manufacture of replacement Model T parts for many years. His knowledge about Ford is extensive and he willingly shares this and his know-how with everyone.

        Our appreciation and congratulations Gene!            (clapping, cheering, whooping and hollering!)

or visit our Facebook page. 

It's like there are 100's of elves making things happen around here!

Andy Anderson has been hard at it again. I have to say I am honored and impressed by his latest edition to the 
Main Street America  wall in the M3 building.... The Davidson Wright School façade is fabulous.
I (Donna Davidson, the newsletter volunteer) am the Davidson part of that and I had started and have been the main instructor of the WAAAM Camp- Aviation Camp for Kids for the past 5 years.
The Wright part honors Gene Wright who started and has been the main instructor for classes of Model T School since the beginning of Tin Lizzie Learn'n! 
Andy has another façade up his sleeve so he needs more salvaged wood and materials. Please contact the museum if you have an ol' shed that is falling down! We are the great recyclers around here.
Auto Restoration
The Velie is really starting to look like a car. When you compare it to the pile of parts that we got originally the difference is like night and day. Don Briggs has volunteered to take on the body work. (His own  beautiful Chrysler is on display at WAAAM so we know his skill level is top notch).
Don highlights his progress:

"The inner panels on the Velie front fenders were
missing so I
fabricated a set by revamping a pair of old Chrysler inner fenders. Since the parts were much larger, I had to split and reshape the panels to fit the Velie fender. The fenders also required dent removal and patching a rusted areas. 

  The rear fenders required a fair amount of body work to remove numerous dents. The back of the car body had been pushed in so it as necessary to jack the rear body section out about 2" to get the fenders to fit. 
 The headlights used were from a Cadillac from the same period and look the same but one was cracked and dented so required a bit of repair before painting. The mounting brackets were missing so these were
fabricated using electrical conduit, water pipe and flat bar. The running boards were made from surplus gazebo material and rubber matting from Lowes." 

Thank you Don. Keep us posted on your progress.

Aircraft Restoration:

70 Gear Leg Fairing
Here in the ircraft restoration shop, we are making good progress on all our projects, on the Stearman 70 we finally finished up the gear leg fairings, and got the tail wheel installed

Butch is still at it on the WACO 9
On the Waco 9,  assembly is picking up its pace as we install the seats, center
cabane wing supports, tail surfaces, and the radiator.

Hope to see you all this Second Saturday, Jay.


All of this and more is happening
each and every month of the year!
Volunteers like this bunch make the museum live on!

A 50th Anniversary Gift

Judy and Dale Nicol of Hood River had plans for a grand trip to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. (Congratulations Judy and Dale that's a long time :-)

While on a day trip to a few other museums they over and over said to themselves  just  how impressive WAAAM is (they both members and volunteer here). 

Those discussions lead to the "Big Idea". Let's do something for WAAAM instead of a big trip.

The "Big Idea" was to help enhance the visitors experience. They purchased 17 large matching flat screen tv's with all the bells and whistles that a museum would need to help tell the story of early transportation.

To top that off the Nicols took delivery of the tvs and set them up! That is a huge undertaking in its self.

WAAAM is something to marvel about and with supporters like Judy and Dale it has become a World Class Museum!

Many Thanks Judy and Dale.
Happy Anniversary!

YouTube New Releases
RatRods: National Rat Rod Build off Winner (X2!)
General Airways: Portlands Roseliner
Issue 12, 2015
Visitor Quote:

Sharon, Martin and Amy from the United Kingdom....

It's Happening Here
December 12
Second Saturday
Paper Airplane Contest.
Start practicing now

December 24
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Open 9-2

December 25
Museum is closed for the holiday

Second Saturdays 
Traffic Jam Car Show & Swap Meet, Model T Driving School Fly-in, WAAAM Camp and more.

January 1
Museum is closed for the holiday

January 9
Second Saturday

February 13
Second Saturday

March 12
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Stearman 70 Celebration

April 9
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A gathering of Fords

May 14
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Antique Gliders

June 11
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Local History Spotlight:
100th Anniversary of the Columbia River Hwy
July 9
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5th Annual WAAAM
Traffic Jam
Car Show & Swap Meet
August 13
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September 10
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Annual Hood River Fly-in

September 10 & 11
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Year of the Stearman

October 8
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The 30's! Cars & Planes
Dress the Part

November 12
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Military Uniforms

December 10
Second Saturday
Christmas at Wartime
Keeping the home fires burning


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Another Fascinating 

Felix Tomlinson connects the dots and takes delivery of a Link Trainer from Lake Havasu, AZ. (It is now in Scottsdale at the Davidson's and we need to get it to WAAAM-Any Ideas?)

So here are the dots:

Austin Dane  is a pilot and happens to have a Link Instrument
Flying Trainer  (also known as the Blue Box or Pilot Trainer) he would like to donate to a museum.

Dane reads about WAAAM in a magazine article and puts a call in for the Director Judy Newman. 

The next month volunteer Katie Miller meets Austin and tells him about WAAAM.
Fast forward to this Thanksgiving where Felix spends a morning drinking coffee at the Lake Havasu airport with his friend Bob Montgomery. Soon Austin lands his plane and the entire gang go out to take a look at the craft and start to talk. Austin learns Felix is from Hood River and say he is trying to connect with this museum that he heard about from the article and verified  through his friend Katie. Does Felix know anything about WAAAM? Well, 
Felix does as he volunteers there as well and he knows Katie. Felix calls Ben Davidson (volunteer) and relates the story...a week later he borrows the Davidson's truck and trailer to head to Lake Havasu to retrieve the trainer!

Felix gathered his friend Bob and Bob gathered his friends Gary Scott, Jim Levrett, Jim Holmes and Shannon Stebbins. Together with Austin this crew got the trainer loaded and sent Felix back to Scottsdale with history in tow. 

Donor Au stin Dane has  had this trainer for 30 years. It comes with 2 additional gimbals and the operators & repair manual!

Along with the other Link Trainer the museum has we believe we can have an operating trainer. How cool would that be?

Many Thanks to Austin Dane for his donation and to the crew who made it happen.

Link Trainer Video


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WVFA-Flying Club
1953 PA-20 Pacer

The WAAAM Volunteers  
Flying Association! 
The monthly meeting of the WAAAM Volunteers Flying Association:

* WAAAM, M3 Conference Area
* Thursday, December 10th
* Time 5:30PM -6:30PM
* Election of Officers for 2016
* Information on flying the Pacer
* Treasurer's report

NOTE: Side door will be locked at 6:30. If you come after 6:30 for the safety meeting only, please call me at 541-399-0483 and I will let you in.

If you have any interest of being an officer and helping the WVFA grow and expand, please don't be shy. I will step down as Secretary. I told everyone that I would help set up the association and do the initial paperwork for the LLC, but after that I would step down. The secy job is easier now, so please step forward for this position or any officer position. The reason that we have elections each year is to get new blood into the leadership positions. Please volunteer.

Following the meeting, the FAASTeam will sponsor a Pilot Safety Seminar. This month the speaker will be Clint Rocky. He is with NOAA and will talk about GA Weather and Weather Hazards of the Pacific Northwest.
Mark Stanfield will conduct this WINGS credit meeting. Please register at FAASafety.gov. The seminar number is NM0965346

Thank you,

Dayle Harris, Secy

for more info

Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum

1600 Air Museum Rd. Hood River, OR 97031