Join for the car.... stay for the friends!
May 2017 

Dawn and I would like to tell everyone how much we appreciated your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. The love and support everyone has shown our family has meant so much to us. Some days are better than others and alone time has been the worst for me. Being with our friends had been a big help. There is no way I can explain the pain and heartache we feel. Every day we are trying to find our way with a piece of our heart missing.

If, I could I ask one thing from everyone, please reach out to others and let them know how much they mean to you, tomorrow maybe too late. 


Troy & Dawn

Calendar of Events
May 2017

  1. May 10th Board meeting
  2. May 17th Club meeting (CE)
  3. May 20th Kosiar Car Show (CE) 982 Eastern Pkwy
  4. May 20th  FCCC Car cruise (CE) 
  5. May 21st  Sunday Drive to Joe Hubers (CE) 
  6. May 27th AMVETS car show at the castle
  7. May 27th Bus Races at the sportsdrome
  8. June 1-3 NCM Homecoming 
  9. June 3rd Kentuckiana Corvette Club Car show (CE)
  10. June 4th Stuff goodie bags at Troys' house
  11. June11th FCCC Annual Car show at the Castle (CE)
  12. June 17th FCCC Car cruise (CE)
  13. June 21 Club meeting (CE)
  14. June 25th Bats game 
CE = counting event 

Recent event Pictures

April car cruise:


The Calendar!

The picture below is a live representation of the actual calendar you can view from any device. You can click the calendar or  this little blue link. 

When on the calendar you can print, and save right to your smart phones calendar. 

Make sure you check for the counting events. They are marked with "CE"

Board Members
Butch Hume 
C: 502-376-1986 

Vice President
Troy Bennett 
C: 502-664-5862 
Mike Davenport
C: 260-602-1207
Laura Wood 
C: 502-376-1988 

Social Director
Steve Conley

Sergeant of Arms
Lance Ross 
C: 502-609-6507 

Competition Director
Mark Oerther 
C: 502-905-4628 

Ambassador to Museum
Mike Bryant
C: 502-592-7106

John Honadel
Joe King
Mike Brown
Phillip McCoy
Mike Farrell
Mickey Erdell
Greg Griffin
Phillip Green
Jerry Clephas
Steve Conley
Gerri Ramsey
Larry Searcy
Laura Wood
Manuel Anderson
Perry Risinger
Marilyn Klotz

Brett and Donnette Houchin
Larry and Dody Searcy
Rod and Gerri Ramsey
Troy and Dawn Bennett
Jimmy and Donna Cumm
Randy and Jan Poche
Mike and Tammy Williams
Kerry and Sandy Kendall

Thanks To Our Sponsors

The last Sunday drive

The April Sunday drive had a great turnout.  As you can see in the picture above we had a large number of vettes that headed to Our Best Restaurant in Smithfield, Ky.  Nice back roads through small towns and along the river made the trip led by Steve Conley a great day. About 40 people joined in and there were plenty of laughs and jokes the whole afternoon. Make sure you join us for the next drive this month to Joe Hubers on May 20th. The details on that drive are below. 

Somerset Cruise weekend
There are still 4 rooms at the Best Western for the July 21,22 weekend trip to Somerset.  Contact Vicki 606-677-9000 to book your room. 
Newsletter info
If you have content that you would like to see in the newsletter just send me an email and I will get it in there. (providing it's the appropriate and has relevance to the club) 

Just have it to me by 31st of each month. I will have the newsletter in your  email box every month by the 7th.  Please don't bother Butch or other members asking where it is. I promise you'll have it by the 7th. This is something the board has set a deadline with me on.

Please don't forget to share cruise info with your peer network and come out and support the club every 3rd Saturday. April's cruise WAS AMAZING!!! We had a great turnout and think we can do better in May. 

Second Cruise is on the  Calendar for 5/20 5 pm.  

Play Ball! 
Buy me some  peanuts  and  Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back. 

June 25th We are doing a day at the park with the Louisville Bats.  It's estimated to cost $29 but we need a head count before knowing the total cost. 

Please contact Steve Conley if your wanting to go and how many would be attending. 

Bus Racing
If you're going to attend the bus race event May 27th at the sportsdrome please pay Steve Conley. cost is $35 per person and he needs that money by 5/15/2017
Car Show Shirt Orders

The shirts are ordered, no more orders can be made. They will arrive soon and updated info on pick up will be sent in newsletter and/or separate email. stay tuned. 

May Sunday Drive
Steve Conley has an amazing drive planned for May 21st. We will be meeting at the parking lot next to Valero gas station in new Albany at 2:30 pm leaving at 3 on a scenic tour to Starlight Indiana to Joe Hubers Restaurant. 

Click this link to see it on the calendar and some other important info.
Event Totals
Members to do business with:
send me a pdf or drop a card by and I will update your business listing or add you to the list.