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Happy Earth Day! 
Forty-two years ago, Wisconsin's very own Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day to address and drive the public's interest in the environment. Earth Day has since evolved into an inspiring movement that continues to garner the public's attention and push policy changes.  

Here at WEI, we honor Gaylord's legacy by developing and promoting initiatives that are great for the environment AND economy. Executive Director, John Imes, hangs a signed copy of Gaylord's 20th Earth Day Anniversary speech in his office as a continual reminder to push WEI's founding mission.

Since 1995, WEI has
worked with stakeholders to craft workable policies and develop the tools to give Wisconsin businesses and communities credible market distinction while preserving the state's resources and environment.On this Earth Day, please consider making a donation to WEI and help us continue our mission. Thank you for your continued support of WEI. Together, we can make sure that Wisconsin's environment and economy can continue to prosper.   
Gaylord Nelson's 1970 Earth Day Speech 

Earth Day 1970 Part 2: Gaylord Nelson's Speech (CBS News with Walter Cronkite)
Earth Day 1970: Gaylord Nelson's Speech (CBS News with Walter Cronkite)
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