At Filmmakers Collaborative (FC), for over 30 years we have been proud to have played a role in helping independent filmmakers of all ages continue to find success in sharing the stories that matter most to them and enlighten  audiences everywhere.

Every day, our staff works with filmmakers nationwide to help them shape their projects and raise the funds that bring you the best that filmmaking has to offer. S creening in venues from the bright lights of the biggest film festivals in the country to the quiet living rooms in our homes, these are stories that are meant to be shared. 
We don't stop there.  Filmmakers Collaborative is also the presenter of the Boston International Kids Film Festival, a four-day event taking place each fall that introduces over 60 award-winning family-friendly films from around the world to the entire Greater Boston community. 

We are also celebrating our second year of FC Academy. This after-school and summer filmmaking program works to encourage the next generation of media makers. To date, by teaching them how to make short films, FC has equipped roughly 500 middle school students with the skills in storytelling and media literacy that they will be able to carry with them no matter what career they choose.

We are a very small, very ambitious team and we need your help to continue to share our passion in supporting the independent filmmaking community. 
We realize that you have many choices of where to spend your money this time of year and hope that you think of us the next time you sit down, grab the popcorn and watch your favorite film!

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