The school commission is an advisory board to the Principal and Pastor. Commission members consider issues of finance, curriculum and facilities, and aid the Principal in the area of policy formation.

At the last commission meeting, the members discussed the following items.

  • Safety and Security Concerns - They have a team exploring the exterior security of our gates and fences as well as the progress toward setting up an in building surveillance system. They also discussed the improvement of parents and guests signing in at the office, everyone's overall awareness for safety here at school, and the teachers' progress on training protocols in case of a major security breach.
  • Inclusion Policies for 5th grade as part of the middle school - There was a discussion regarding 5th graders having access to all the middle school activities. Commission feels that the integration as proposed last year with some separation between the 5th graders and the 6th, 7th and 8th grade is appropriate.
  • The St. Rose School Handbook will be updated by the principal and staff this year to be reviewed by the commission.
  • A technology report was given detailing updates in classroom technology and school wide work toward internet safety and a 5 year technology planning process.
  • A finance conversation detailing our enrollment at 149 and that we are well on track for meeting our budget this year. The tuition review board will convene soon to determine tuition rates for next year.
  • Science Mom's and Dad's will be begin meeting to help develop the St. Rose School Science Curriculum. Let Mrs. Strader know if you are interested.
  • Pete Harnish will be leading a sports strategic planning committee. Please contact Mr. Harnish if you are interested in joining.

Next meeting for the Commission is Thursday, November 16th. Please contact your commission members or chair for more information regarding this meeting or next month's meeting topics.