Warmest Wishes from the City of Orem for a safe and wonderful holiday.
Message from the Mayor  
"Are you working late tonight, Mayor?"

That was the question a couple asked me as I left my city office one night. 

I said yes, and then asked them what they were doing as they came out of the library. They had just been to a wonderful concert in the library given by some UVU students and were coming back tomorrow night for another event at the library.

As I walked away, I thought how thankful I am for those who run and man the library and what a wonderful place it is for our citizens. What a gift we have all been given to have a place where we can read and learn, listen to stories, and enjoy great music. 

What wonderful gifts we have all been given of clean air, clear fresh water, clean streets, good sanitation, safe neighborhoods, well lit areas, a strong police force who keep us safe, great fire fighters who protect our homes, well-staffed ambulances to help our families in times of need, and excellent city and public works employees who keep our city running.

I also reflected on the redwood tree lighting ceremony last week by the students at Orem High School. I'm thankful for
the gifts of beautiful and different types of trees that we have all over our own "Tree City USA."

We have been given so many gifts of freedom: free speech, the opportunity to decide where we want to live, how we want to live, and what we want to do with our lives. These gifts have come from a heavy price paid by others in our military. 

As I drove home, I looked at all of the Christmas lights on the houses. I thought of the gifts of good homes, but more importantly of strong families in our community. We have all kinds kinds of wonderful and different family types. I am thankful for the gifts of family in "Family City USA."

I believe that if we were to look back at our Christmas tree after Christmas Day and think about how many gifts we have been given that are not under the tree but have been given to us by others, and more importantly by God, then truly we can see how many gifts we have been given. 

I would hope that we all might see, hear, feel, and understand the many gifts we have been given by many others that we enjoy each and every day through the year that we take for granted. 

We have a wonderful community. May we appreciate it and be thankful for the many gifts we have been given, beyond those under the tree. 

Mayor Brunst

Christmas Tree Pick-up Program
When the Christmas magic is over and all the festivities have ended, what are you supposed to do with the wilting tree? 

Orem Public Works has you covered. There are multiple sites throughout the city where you can properly dispose of your once proud Christmas tree. 

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