December 2016 - In This Issue
  • Calling all Trail Enthusiasts
  • HCIA AGM an Inspiring Success
  • DC Moves is Moving Ahead
  • Food File and Food Charter
  • Be an Engaged Citizen
  • OPP Safety Reminder: Don't Veer for Deer
Calling all Trail Enthusiasts
The CHATT (formerly Trails) committee (Citizens of Headwaters for Active Transportation Team) is looking for members and volunteers to plan and roll out a Trails/Active Transportation Forum for 2017. If you think our communities could be more active and want to explore opportunities to make it so, connect with our committee.

The CHATT team has undertaken numerous projects since inception. The Trail counter program provided useful data on trail usage which has shed light on which trails are actually getting significant traffic and warrant greater funding. The group has also run several cycling workshops and skill strengthening events for women and children – all in the interest of increasing confidence. It’s time to open up the sightlines and extend the invitation to partner and engage. Let’s bring organizations and citizens together to better understand the assets we have, how to make them better, and how to get people out there and active. A forum would provide a platform to explore projects and opportunities to address what is a huge priority for Headwaters residents.
HCIA AGM an Inspiring Success!
Our Annual General Meeting on Oct 28 was the most inspiring one we’ve had yet. HCIA rolled out the first printing of our Community Well Being (CWB) Report refresh and our guest speaker Paul Born inspired the crowd.

Our report which will be distributed over the next few months and as always is available on our web site. In it the things that our citizens both appreciate and would like to see addressed are covered. These identified priorities support the identification of projects and the funding to execute them – all in support of well-being for Headwaters.

Paul Born, the head of Tamarack Institute presented the highlights of his latest book: Deepening Community – Finding Joy Together in Chaotic Times. Invited by former HCIA program lead (and current Co-Chair) Sylvia Cheuy who works for Tamarack, acquiring such a wonderful speaker was a huge bonus that we were thrilled to share with the community. Paul gave an inspiring talk on the importance and relative loss of connected communities. Real life stories and a fun exercise were included in the afternoon to give everyone a truly deeper understanding. The icing on the cake was that each attendee received a copy of Paul’s book and has an opportunity to spread the message even further. Attendees were also treated to a YouTube video of Paul’s son and friends who wrote a musical rap based on the book. Take a look at: Deepening Community

DC Moves is Moving Ahead
DC Moves, the collective of Dufferin human/social service agencies and organizations, has hosted 3 forums and has taken the opportunity to glean data and feedback from participants. Based on the feedback provided by DC MOVES members at the second forum, as well as a survey, a number of priority areas have been highlighted. (see complete DC Moves communication via the website) These include:
  • Establish criteria for DC MOVES participation
  • Engage Public Health and other agencies who focus on Health and Wellness and enhance Health and Wellness in Dufferin County
  • Coordinate collectively on Poverty Reduction efforts
  • Establish sub-committee to investigate Community Foundations
  • Create inventory on "back office" supports that can be shared
  • Coordinate a Collective Impact refresher
  • Creation of "MYDUFFERIN" website to map local agencies - Collaborating with Dufferin Coalition for Kids

Three priority training (Professional Development) areas have also been established:

  1. Community Well-Being - The well-being of a community can look different to different people and organizations. Together, DC MOVES members will define the common goals and needs regarding the well-being of the community within Dufferin County.
  2. Poverty Reduction - Finding the needs within the community to approach the reduction of poverty and formulating action plans moving forward. This will be supported with information and findings from the Dufferin Poverty Task Force.
  3. Agency Resourcing - The sharing of resources, back office supports, volunteers, etc. across organizations. By coordinating the sharing of resources, training and professional development, agencies can enhance and support services. As a shared and well communicated priority Training and Professional Development has been identified as a key priority by many. This subgroup will focus on developing and coordinating training and professional development relevant to topics that have been identified as important by our community organizations.
Food File and Food Charter Update
HFFA is in the process of incorporating all of the feedback from both the stakeholder and public consultations. The goal is to launch the Headwaters Food Charter and Recommended Action Plan early next year.
Be an Engaged Citizen

Are you interested in making life better together? Calling all future Board members! HCIA has had a few wonderful community members reach the end of a very extended tenure this year. Heartfelt thanks to Dave Dyce, Ken Pagel and the late Ron Munro, all of whom served on the Leadership Council for many years. This has left room for opportunity with our organization. If you are passionate about your community then we would like to meet with you. Please get in touch with us to arrange a meeting!

OPP Safety Reminder: Don't Veer for Deer

It is the season for greater deer activity - particularly on our roads. The OPP ask for greater attention with the following information: Don't Veer for Deer. Hold your steering wheel with two hands, brake firmly and come to a controlled stop. Swerving for a deer could lead to a loss of control and a much more serious collision with a tree, hydro pole or another oncoming vehicle.

We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you to our many partners, stakeholders and volunteers who make up HCIA and its project groups. Our primary funders are the Ontario Trillium Foundation and United Way of Guelph Wellington Dufferin.
Making life better together!

Listings about existing transportation options available in Headwaters, learn about eligibility requirements, hours of service and cost.
Take a Hike
Over 20 trail descriptions, details and maps in the Headwaters region. Take a hike, enjoy a meal and browse our local shops!