HAPPY HOLIDAYS from CEDO  Intercultural              eNewsletter December, 2011  

Calendar of Events:
(Taking place either
in Puerto Penasco
or Tucson)
--Ecotours calendar, click here

 --Las Conchas Garage Sale
   February 18, 2012 (Penasco)

--Las Conchas Home Tour      (benefitting CEDO) (Penasco)
   March 3, 2012

--Tucson Festival of Books
   March 10-11, 2012  

Wish List
CEDO offices in the outlying communities will see much greater activity this year, as students will assist them in monitoring environmental impact compliance.  The offices in San Felipe, El Golfo de Santa Clara DESPERATELY SEEK
the following:
Computers of all types
Small work stations/desks
Office chairs

If you have any of these items, please contact us!

Northen Gulf
Tide Calendars

2012 Calendars
are now available.

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The David and Lucile Packard Foundation agreed to match new gifts to CEDO made from September 1 to November 4, 2011 up to $30,000.
And we met the challenge! 

Thanks to donors like you, CEDO received donations and pledges totaling $35,120!!

We are so grateful to all of you who dug into your pockets to double your gift through this challenge grant. 

If you have not made a gift yet in 2011, there's still time to get your 2011 tax deduction. 
Send your gift today!   

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It's hard to believe that 2011 is nearly over and a new year is just around the corner.  Where does the time go?  CEDO has been blessed this year, having reached many milestones and accomplishments.  Read below (or go to our website) to learn about some of them.  


Wishing you and yours all the joys of the Season and all the wonderment of this beautiful planet we call home.  Thank you for your support, your encouragement and your questions.  


--For a list of upcoming planned events, see our "Calendar" on the sidebar to the left.


We want your feedback! 

Email CEDO at:  info@cedointercultural.org 

CEDO Garage Sale: Thank you!!
December 10 
Thanks to all who donated items to sell at our Garage Sale, held at the CEDO Field Station on December 10.  Dozens of people came to shop, spending about $300 on all kinds of household, sporting, electronic and other goods.  Maybe some of you will get some of these items as Christmas presents!  All proceeds go to further the mission of CEDO in the Northern Gulf of California. 
Focus on Fishermen
With generous support from the Walton Family Foundation, CEDO will be developing and implementing a series of trainings to over 1,000 artesanal fishermen who harvest in marine protected areas.  In addition to the trainings, participating fishers will receive technological devices to help them self-monitor the locations of their harvests and to track by-catch.  This technology-based support will be purchased with special funding from the Save the Whales Foundation and the American Cetacean Society-Monterey Bay Chapter.  Watch for a press release on our website soon.


Staff profile - Hitandehui Tovar
Hita Tovar
Hita has been a tireless and energetic networker for CEDO since she began working here on February 10, 2010.  Originally hired as a Coastal Conservation Assistant, her duties have expanded.  Under her new title of Social Participation Expert, she coordinates outreach communications and social participation coordination for coastal conservation projects.  In this capacity, Hita works with schools, community biological monitors, government and private agencies and a variety of other groups to build involvement and consensus of all stakeholders in the conservation of wetlands and coastal habitats of the Northern Gulf of California and beyond. 
The Vaquita
CEDO's year of the Vaquita:  2012
In recognition of the dire situation of the vaquita marina (Phocoena sinus), CEDO is focusing the majority of its 2012 fundraising efforts on the protection of this critically endangered species.  Your gifts in the coming year will support local fishermen's and CEDO's cooperative efforts at reducing by-catch in the Northern Gulf, in strengthening public and social policies and practices to protect the vaquita's habitat, and in educating the public on this little porpoise, which only lives in the Northern Gulf waters.  New research on the vaquita will be published onto CEDO's website soon. 
Rock Scallops: Tasty treats from the Gulf
Yuma clapper rail
Rock Scallops


Although listed as a protected species in Mexico, the abundance of the rock scallop along the shores of the Northern Gulf of California has given Mexico's Department of Wildlife justification to allow limited commercial harvesting of this tasty seafood.   


Only one organization may harvest the rock scallop in the Upper Gulf, and that cooperative of divers has worked with CEDO for nearly 15 years to ensure a reasonable livelihood for fishers while maintaining adequate protection of the scallop fishery.  Read more here.  


Holiday Gifts Available NOW!
One of many items at CEDO's Eco-Shop
Remember to shop at CEDO's on-line "Eco-Shop" for a variety of gifts:  books, greeting cards, clothing, earrings, baskets and more!  In Tucson, you can shop at CEDO's new office, saving shipping and handling fees (4560 E Broadway)  In Rocky Point, our Gift Shop is open during regular business hours. All proceeds benefit CEDO's conservation projects. 

Links to other on-line shopping sites can be accessed through CEDO's website, with a portion of your purchase benefiting CEDO.

CLICK HERE and begin your shopping today!