As we reflect on our many accomplishments this past year, we are grateful for your continued support. You help us bring hope into the lives of Domestic Violence (DV) survivors, hope for a safer future for themselves and their children.

That hope inspires us to look for new solutions to the challenges faced by our survivors. Recognizing that DV is one of the main drivers into homelessness for women with children, we’ve partnered with local homeless agencies and the National Alliance on Safe Housing to increase options for safety for the individuals and families we serve. We’ve also drawn from best practices in other fields to improve the experience of DV survivors; incorporating trauma-informed care practices into our programs is leading to better long-term outcomes for families who’ve struggled to heal from lifelong histories of poverty and victimization.

We do not do this work alone. Your support is crucial for us to provide innovative services that exemplify our organizational values of compassion and empathy. We look to you and your generosity to continue to help us make a difference in the lives of the survivors who turn to us for help and hope. Please consider donating today at and thank you again for your support.


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Elizabeth Eastlund, LCSW
Executive Director, Rainbow Services

Rainbow Team
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