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I would like to wish you and your family the very best this holiday season.  
We must also take the time to remind ourselves of the true meaning of this holiday season, which is service to our community.  We must be our brother's keeper and care for one another. Take some time to visit the elderly this holiday season, volunteer to feed the homeless, donate toys for children in need.
Again, may this season be filled with joy and the new year bring hope and prosperity to you and your family. 

I wish you and all of our neighbors a safe and peaceful holiday season.


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Happy Holidays,
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Ald. James Cappleman 


l46th Ward News   
Life Safety Ordinance Amendment

As a member of the Zoning Committee, I was one of the co-sponsors to amend the current Life Safety Ordinance. The amendment provides a 3-year extension to phase in required modifications addressing fire safety issues in high-rises. It is my plan to use the next 3 years to identify best practices used throughout the country that are less costly to implement while still maintaining a focus on safety for residents in high-rises.


SidewalkShared Cost Sidewalk Program - Opens January 1, 2012 

Is the sidewalk in front of your property in disrepair?  The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program is a popular program in which residents share the cost of sidewalk repair with the City.  The program has been a successful service for many years, offering an outstanding value to property owners.  All property owners pay the same square-foot cost for new sidewalk: $3 per square foot--well below what a private contractor would charge.  The 2012 program will open to participants on January 1st, 2012.  Participation will proceed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Note that the program typically reaches capacity quickly, so you are encouraged to apply early in the year.  Interested residents should call 311 on January 1st.  Please note that if you applied for the program in previous years, you must apply again in 2012.  Follow this link for more information.


FeigenholtzRepresentative Feigenholtz Satellite Office Hours

We want to thank Rep. Feigenholtz for coming to our office this week to start her new satellite office hours. We are partnering with Rep. Feigenholtz to provide you with more services. We will continue satellite office hours in the 46th Ward office every first Tuesday of the month. They will be able to help with some services on-site, and will be able to provide assistance or information on Seniors Ride Free/Reduced Fare Cards assistance, Circuit Breaker applications, unemployment benefits, drivers' license and license plate issues, applying for home care services, public aid and nutrition assistance, professional licensing (medical licenses, real estate, etc.), help with new adoptee original birth certificate law, and help with any state agency.   


RemapWard Re-Map

Every 10 years after the U.S. Census, City Council is required to review the boundaries of all the wards for consistency in population and to ensure there is adequate representation of City residents. My vote will be based on promoting fairness of representation, preserve the sense of neighborhoods as much as possible, and avoid a situation that could result in a lawsuit that would cost taxpayers between $20 - 30 million dollars.  The high loss of population on the Southside is expected to have ramifications with the Northside wards.


restshelterR.E.S.T Shelter Update 

I want to update you on the change in management of two homeless shelters located in the northern section of the 46th Ward. R.E.S.T. has maintained these emergency shelters at two different churches (People's Church at 941 W. Lawrence for men and Uptown Baptist Church at 1011 W. Wilson for women) for many years. Due to a number of circumstances, R.E.S.T. Shelter funding was removed and the Dept. of Family & Support Services has replaced them with two other shelter providers:

  • Northside Housing has taken over the shelter for men at People's Church.
  • Sarah's Circle has taken over the shelter for women at Uptown Baptist Church.

The grave situation that led to R.E.S.T. to losing its funding was quite troubling to me and I have spoken with the Mayor's staff, the Inspector General's Office, and the Dept. of Family & Support Services about the City's oversight of homeless providers so that this kind of thing never happens again. I've also spoken with the City's Budget Director and asked for a greater reliance on clear standardized performance metrics to measure success. The City's budget crisis is not over and it calls for us to ensure that every single penny is used wisely and resourcefully.


I am pleased that Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to revisit the way the City of Chicago responds to the needs of those experiencing homelessness. The Mayor shares my commitment to the use of best practices that will help those in need find permanent housing more quickly. In the weeks and months to come, you will hear about more initiatives to enhance the way care is provided to those experiencing homelessness in the area. 


openhouse46th Ward Office Open House - This Wednesday, December 21

Please join me and my staff at our office from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Wednesday evening. You can view new art work from our local artists and speak to my staff and me about issues and suggestions as we wrap up 2011 and begin 2012 in the 46th Ward. 


HolidayHoursHoliday Office Hours

The 46th Ward office hours for the coming two weeks are as follows:

Closed Friday, December 23 through Saturday, December 26

Open for regular office hours Tuesday, December 27 through Thursday, December 29

Closed Friday, December 30 through Monday, January 2

Open for regular office hours beginning Tuesday, January 3  

Upcoming Events
You can also check out our community calendar by clicking here.
Meeting to Address Community Safety Concerns
(Beat 2312 CAPS Meeting)
When: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 from 7pm - 8pm
Where: Sheridan Plaza lobby: 4607 N. Sheridan
Many organizations have been asking for individual meetings with the Police Commander and Ald. Cappleman. The CAPS Beat meetings are the best forum to answer any questions related to public safety. Interested organizations are encouraged to have a representative attend this meeting. Ald. Cappleman will also be available after the meeting to answer further questions.
Mask 201146th Ward Office Open House 
When: Wednesday, Dec. 21 from 6pm - 8pm
Where: Ward Office at 4544 N. Broadway
The Ward Office has a wonderful new collection of art from local artists. There will be some light refreshments and a chance to meet some of the artists. Ald. James Cappleman will also be available to respond to any of your questions or concerns.

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