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 Independence Day 2013
Independence Day

Excerpts from President Reagan's July 3, 1982

Radio Address to the Nation on the  

Observance of Independence Day


The Scriptures tell us that "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.'' And for more than two centuries now our blessed land has grown and prospered, guided by a deep faith in the Almighty and an unquenchable thirst for freedom.  As George Washington once wrote to another of the Founding Fathers, James Madison, "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.''


Some of our ancestors faced trials that we will never know -- the snows of Valley Forge; the crucible of a bitter, bloody civil war; and the incredible hardships endured in taming a savage wilderness.  But the spirit of determination and love of country that saw them through to victory still beats in American hearts today...In the words of Dwight Eisenhower, "Free men do not lose their patience, their courage, their faith because the obstacles are mountainous, the path uncharted.  Given understanding, they invariably rise to the challenge.''


So, on this special day, the birthday of our nation, in the midst of all the joyous celebrations, let us take a moment to remember the debt of thanks we owe to those who came before us, to the same God who guides us all, and to the spirit of faith and patriotism which still makes America "the land of the free and the home of the brave.''

Syria Not Our War Rally
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Was your ancestor a Rebel or a Loyalist?
In recognition of Independence Day, Ancestry.com is allowing non-subscribers free access to records of the 13 original colonies: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Free access begins, Wed., July 3rd through midnight, Sun.,July 7th. You can access the records here: http://www.ancestry.com

Are you frustrated or despondent over the actions of our elected officials?...the direction our country is going? 

  Untitled Book

Mark Levin says he has a plan.  He says, "We don't have to bang on our Representative's doors or at the Capitol building...there's a civil way to address what's going on..." 


On Wed., July 10th, Mark will be announcing the title of his upcoming book to be released Aug. 13thYou may want to tune in.  Because the book isn't released yet, he will share in the most general terms what the book is about.  Mark then warns that others will try to jump in front of the parade, but says to ignore them - you'll know why when the time comes.  


Here's more snippets about the book from  

Mark's radio broadcasts this week: 

This is a long walk like the progressives started 100 years ago - will turn to the Constitution - Mark will share what we CAN
do - start now, then continue with the next generation then the next - he'll share why things need to be done - don't need to reinvent the wheel - need to dust off the wheel - there is recourse over time - start having this discussion - start getting serious about it - just don't believe it'll happen in Washington - we need to break up the ruling class - the only way to have a Constitutional Republic is to have Constitutional representatives - there is another way - not easy - but, there is another way - there's a civil way to address what's going on - we don't have to have a totalitarian mindset, because we are Constitutionalists - we have the same mindset as the Founders - we act out of patriotism for our country - we don't seek power - we act out of studiousness - be strategic - inform our fellow citizens at Labor Day, Christmas, Easter, in line at the grocery store - to preserve the Republic, there must be recourse - we don't have to sit around waiting for nine justices or Congress or the President to tell us how to live - we don't have to tolerate this - why be members of a party that hates your guts, that treats you like second-class citizens?  If you're not wanted somewhere, why stay and fight? - I'm not saying I want a third party - I have my own ideas - in a logical, consequential way - but, if we decide to leave the Republican party some day, they'll be caput - there has to be another way - there is - and we'll discuss it at length - this is about us, you and me.  Getting it right.  It's just too important.  
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July 6th
Conservative Coffee
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July 10th
Untitled Book Announcement
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July 12th
Not Our War

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July 26-27th
Reclaiming America for Christ Conference 
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July 27th
OK County GOP Picnic

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Reads like a thriller

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