Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of America.
In 1882, Matthew Macquire, a secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York, proposed a holiday for the working man to be able to take a day off to celebrate all of their work and efforts. The Central Labor Union agreed to perform a demonstration and a picnic. The first time they held these celebrations was on Tuesday September 5, 1882. In 1884, Labor Day was then observed on a Monday. That day became the official holiday. The Central Labor Union urged other states to recognize this day for their workers. Eventually all states celebrated Labor Day on the same day. Workers and their families celebrated with parades, live music, and speeches.
Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement would like to thank all of the hard workers out there especially our labor workers for doing such a great job.
Introducing the new Euroglide operating system for Great Lakes sliding doors

The new Euroglide operating system has a handle that turns 180 degrees and when unlocking, the door lifts up off from the sill. There are patented ball bearings that roll with just a push of a finger allowing the door to glide smoothly. There are three Euroglide hardware finishes to choose from. Call PHBI today for more details on the Euroglide operating system.
Top Performer    

Mr. Fran Beaulieu
Fran started in the industry during his high school years and made it his career after graduating and worked for his Father at Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. Fran ventured out and started his own business to build some custom homes and high end additions.
Fran returned to PBHI in 2008 to partner with his brother, Al Beaulieu, who now is the owner of Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement, Inc. Fran brought back with him many new ideas, product knowledge, and a drive to expand PBHI to give our customers the most value possible.
Fran also has a passion to continue to learn the industry, to find what is new and available to make our finished products for our customers better. Fran Beaulieu is our top salesman and continues to shine in Customer Service.  
You are in good hands when you deal with Fran.

Outside window condensation?

Window condensation usually happens in the wintertime, you would think right? Actually window condensation can also occur over the summer but instead of the inside of a window condensing, it will be the outside. If you have newly installed replacement windows or energy - efficient windows, condensation is normal and believe it or not that is a good sign. When the dew point is the same as the temperature outside, its causes condensation on the windows. That shows your windows are working properly. 
Patio built in Wilbraham, MA.
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