Some of My Favorite Organizing Products 

This month I am going to share some of my favorite organizing products. Although the links may be to a particular store, most of these products are also available in stores like Target, Walmart, and on Amazon.
Although it is fun to decorate for Christmas, it isn't fun to pack everything away. Here are 3 products to make it easy.
Upright Christmas Tree Storage: Preserves your artificial tree for years. HERE IS THE LINK 
Christmas Lights Storage: Prevents tangles cords and broken lights. HERE IS THE LINK 
Christmas Ornament Storage: Ornaments pack safely in their own space and drawers eliminate stacking them. HERE IS THE LINK   
More of My Favorites
Fridge/Freezer Bins: These can also be used in cabinets. I selected this link because it shows various sizes and shapes that be purchased individually. HERE IS THE LINK 
K-Cup Carousel: Organizes K-cups selections and you can see how many of each you have. HERE IS THE LINK 
Lego Storage: It is easy to put the Lego pieces away in these drawers. They are stackable. HERE IS THE LINK
Toy Box with Book Racks: Quick clean up tossing toys in the toy book and putting books in the rack. HERE IS THE LINK  
Boot Trays: Keep near entry way for people to put their shoes and boots on. Prevents piles on the floor. In a review of this product a woman said that she has a cushion on the top tier for her cat and stores the supplies on the bottom tier. HERE IS THE LINK  
Magazine Holders: Perfect for your favorite magazines and catalogues. A better option than a big pile in a basket. HERE IS THE LINK  
Stackable Jewelry Organizer: With this system you select the trays with various size sections to suit your jewelry. HERE IS THE LINK  
Cosmetic Organizers: This keeps your cosmetics at your fingertips. Ideal for a vanity or dresser top. HERE IS THE LINK
Home Office: Many of my clients purchased a desk, before consulting me, that did not have features that they needed. Here are 2 options. Office Desk with large work surface, filing space, and  cabinets for supplies. HERE IS THE LINK
This Mission Style Desk is perfect for a smaller space. HERE IS THE LINK 
For questions about what to buy for your office, or how to set up your workspace and supply areas, consider one of my Virtual Organizing Consultations. for- hire
When I realized that many of my clients were spending hundreds of $$$ buying organizing products that did not suit their needs I decided to offer Organizing Product Research as a service.  
I send people links with product suggestions, or sometimes we do a
search when I'm working with the client and they order on the spot, which is one less thing for them to do after I leave. I also offer field trips to The Container Store. To learn how I could help you, call me at (978) 922-6136.
Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, and Organized 2018.

Nancy Black 
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