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January 2017
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Clinic News and Notes

CAC Christmas Party at China Gorge Restaurant

We had to move our party to after Christmas due to the snowstorm and Santa was already on vacation - we still all got gifts and Carola had gotten ahold of Santa's list - oh boy he had something to say about everybody!

Happy New Year - Wishing each of you a year of health, happiness and success!
The key element to making a New Year Resolution successful is to share your plans with someone else and to enlist a support team to help you achieve them. At Cascade Acupuncture Center we want to help you with your plans this New Year to:
Get healthier - naturally in 2017.

January is Customer Appreciation Month at Cascade Acupuncture Center.
In appreciation of giving us the opportunity to help you reach your highest level of health receive a free gift at your first visit this month.

We look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial association and wish you the healthy and happy New Year you deserve.
This offer is while supplies last, and is for new or existing clients.

Upcoming Workshops
Weight Loss - Monday, January 9th
Learn why diets don't work and how your metabolism works at this workshop being offered in Hood River.  Call Hood River Community Education at 541-386-2055 to register.
Seasonal Allergies are best treated during the off season
Now is the time to prepare for spring!
We also recommend to do these 3 sessions each year in January or February again, this has shown to continually improve on last year's results:
The Allergy Elimination Clearing of: Trees, Weeds, Grasses.

Experience the life changing results Allergy Elimination has to offer!
Through the month of February we are offering 3 Allergy Elimination Sessions at $45 each, plus one free for a total of $135 for four sessions.
Curious? To learn more about the benefits of Allergy Elimination, click here:

Then, call us to schedule an appointment
Hood River: 541-387-4325 -The Dalles: 541-298-2378
Each Allergy Elimination session is in addition to the cost of the Acupuncture treatment.
The fee for the Allergy Elimination session is not billable to insurance. Each session involves the Allergy Elimination techniques at the beginning of the session, followed by an Acupuncture treatment for a total of a 60-75 min session and a 24 hour allergen avoidance period.

Mascot Monkey Yin is back
What a surprise! Carola recently met with Tom Meade, EAMP, who bought our Stevenson clinic in March which is now Skamania Acupuncture Clinic . He gave her the Stevenson Clinic mascot monkey "Yin" back, saying he felt like Yin should be with Yang (The Dalles clinic mascot)! Jacki and Carola were very happy and it looks like the two monkeys are happy too and will do a great job as a mascot team from here on out! Smiles are good for everybody and the monkeys have made many people smile for many years now!

Can you find Yin and Yang in the pile of donated food, picture below?

Holiday Food Drive
For our yearly Holiday Food Drive we offered  Happy Hour Acupuncture Treatments  for 10 items of food. Many clients happily brought in more than 10 items and others brought us food donations even though they were not receiving Happy Hour Acupuncture treatments - Thank you so much!

We gave 60 Happy Hour Acupuncture treatments without charge in December in our clinics and collected over 600 items of food!

Happy Hour Acupuncture treatments are available year round. These treatments focus on boosting energy, immune system, overall happiness and address stress reduction.  One treatment is $25. Purchase a package of 4 for $100 and you will get one free, which lowers the price to $20 per treatment!
Happy Hour Acupuncture Treatments cannot be billed to insurance.
Giving Back
As Cascade Acupuncture Center has done for many years, we are giving 1% of our net-profit back to local non- profit organizations each year.

This year we are giving to:
* Heart of Hospice offers the following:
The Heart of Hospice Foundation supplies the bereavement program with all of the literature as well as the options to participate in bereavement groups or individual bereavement services regardless of having a loved one on Hospice services.

Thanks to our amazing clients we are able to give to these organizations and support their purpose.

Whether you are a small business owner or an employee, please consider giving, or suggesting to your employer to give, a percentage of your profits to local non-profits - if you are not already doing so.

This month Vitamin D3 Drops by Pure Encapsulations are just $22.87 - 15% off
For a 810 drop bottle which lasts more than 6 ½ months for a use of 4 drops/day*
Vitamin D helps your muscles, including your heart, lungs, brain work optimally.
At your next visit find out how Vitamin D3 Drops can be of benefit for your health!
Here is our Vitamin D and Magnesium handout.
*Recommended daily intake for this product may vary.
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Scott Klein, LAc                                                Brenda Spring
                                                                           Susan Vallie
                                                                           Amy Rowland
                     Jona Awmiller

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We no longer offer massage and recommend: Holistic Massage of Hood River .
As a CAC client, receive $10 off a 60 or 90 minute massage with them! Enter code CAC10 if booking online, or call and mention this email. 541-490-1444

We sold our Stevenson Clinic to a new owner/operator,
it is now called Skamania Acupuncture Clinic
5 09-637-3163