Save These Dates!

January 14th @ 11:30 - 
Frolic LYFE group begins!

February 25 @1 pm - 
Copper Street Brass presents family music event, "Big Ears and the Blue Ox." in the Sanctuary

June 16 - June 24   
*New* Family Mission Trip Opportunity!  Henderson Settlement in Red Bird Mission Conference (

June 24 - June 30        

July 8 - July 11             
Earth Camp

July 20 - July 28           
Sr. High Mission Trip

July 23 - July 27           
Joyful Uproar

August 6 - August 10   
Vacation Bible Camp "ROME: Paul and the Underground Church"
Sunday Snap Shot

Last Week (12/31)
NO HENNEPIN KIDS SUNDAY                                          SCHOOL

This Wee k (1/7) 
Jesus in the Temple

Next Week (1/14)
Jesus Calls Disciples                    

  Connect - Big Kids
Last Week (12/31)    
NO HENNEPIN KIDS SUNDAY                                         SCHOOL
This Week (1/7)  Authority  
Next week (1/14)  Unit Rewind

Re:form - Club 67
Last Week (12/31)   NO HENNEPIN KIDS SUNDAY                                          SCHOOL
This Week (1/7)   Bible Jeopardy
Next Week (1/14)  12 Disciples

Let's Plan the PERFECT Party for Paul Bunyan!

"Big Ears and the Blue Ox" is an original interactive concert presentation with brass instruments, drums, and narrator designed for children ages 2 - 10. The concert takes kids on a trip through the Minnesota woods while they help Big Ears the Rabbit build the perfect song for Paul Bunyan's birthday party. Along the way, children learn how to carefully listen for musical concepts like melody, rhythm and harmony while singing and moving their bodies to the music. 

Come along with us and join the party!

Sunday, February 25, 1:00pm
HAUMC Sanctuary

Remember to return your pledge cards for 2018.  Your faithful giving helps us continue to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world!
Prize Box Challenge

Last week in Chapel Time, I told the kids that if they could learn the bible verse, John 3:16, they would be able to pick a prize from our prize box!  As a reminder - here is one translation:

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish, but will have eternal life."
Happy New Year, Hennepin!
What a blessing it was to celebrate Christmas Eve together in worship.  The celebration continued the following weekend at the New Year's at Koinonia retreat.  As we look forward to whatever the New Year has to offer, take a moment to reflect on some of the special moments that we have shared as a church family throughout this advent season.  Prayers to each and every member of our church family for the coming year!  Happy 2018!

Remember all of the great work that we did preparing school kits for UMCOR?  Those kits are on their way to kids that need them!  A group of 12 Hennepin members left for Louisiana on Thursday.  They will deliver school kits, make flood buckets for flood victims, and do lots of other great work to help UMCOR be ready to serve wherever they are needed.  Please pray for our this team of people as they serve God in this way:  Don & Mary Hopkins, Peggy Kjorstad-Kaatz, Barb & John McKeand, Susanne Mattison, Lois Peterson, Craig Pier, Janelle Vaubel, Philip Weller, Lyndy & Judy Zabel.

A New Frolic LYFE Group is beginning on Sunday, January 14th @11:30!
The focus of this group is p arents supporting parents as we help our children take their first steps of faith! 

We will gather with children in the Social Hall to enjoy brunch together.  Then children will head off to their own programming in room 103, while parents have time together.  Our first topic will be: 

"Bringing Our Best Selves to Parenting"  
Facilitated by Terese Guettler-RN, Holistic Health expert, Healthy Pregnancy Coach, and Lynne Carroll - Director of Children and Family Ministries.

Future classes include:
February 11th - 
Family Lenten and Easter Practices
How to Talk with Our Kids About the Easter Story

March 11th - 
Interfaith Dialogue with Our Kids
"Creating Opportunities for Better Lives Through Christ-Centered Service"
Join Hennepin members and other United Methodists from the Minnesota Conference in this new mission opportunity!  We will travel to Henderson Settlement near the Appalachian mountains where we will serve this community in varied ways.  This is an all-ages opportunity, and is appropriate for families with young children, older adults, and everyone in between!  
Learn more at:

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And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.
- Micah 6:8