Happy New Year!    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!  
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

In 2017,  IMF and I  wish you more joy, contentment, happiness, good friends, good health, healthy movement, quite time and space to be.

If your New Year resolution or intention is to get more regular movement in your life, I salute you! Our bodies need healthy movement just like they need food and water. Thousands of published scientific studies tell us that sitting  (inactivity) is an independent risk factor for illness and premature death. Your body is designed for and thrives with continuous and diverse movement each day. 

Movement is Medicine and Health is Wealth. I hope the information I have included in this email will help you move more and move better in 2017.

Best of Everything,

Intelligent Movement Forever

20% Discount for IMF Lumbar Stability Ball

I am offering a 20% New Year discount on the IMF Wearable Stability Ball for the next two weeks. It usually sells for $40. Until January 15, 2017, you can purchase it for $32.00, by contacting me directly at yogawithvia@gmail.com.

I use the LSB to provide lumbar support whenever I am seated.  My clients and students love the LSB too. My husband, John, and I developed the LSB to provide lumbar support for me while I rode as a backseat passenger on his Spyder (a three-wheel motorcycle) . . . .

It worked. I rode 9,000 miles across the country and back in 2014. I've been riding ever since. But I would not  be a passenger on the Spyder without my LSB.

Lower back pain is epidemic. The LSB provides lumbar support whenever and wherever you are sitting: at the office, at a restaurant, on a motorcycle, etc. I'll be you know someone who could use one!

Contact me directly to take advantage of this New Year offer. If you are in Puerto Vallarta, make arrangements to pick up the LSB locally and there will be no shipping charges.

Squat Challenge to Get You Moving in 2017
30-day IMF Squat Challenge

I offered a squat challenge two years ago and I am going to repeat it this year. Please join me in a 30-Day IMF Squat Challenge. This is a great opportunity to fall in love with squatting and all of its benefits.

If you join the challenge, you can start anytime in January or February of 2017 and choose to participate in any or all of three different ways:
(1) daily dynamic (air) squats,
(2) a daily static (long-held) squat, or
(3) random daily squatting at an unexpected time and/or in an unexpected location (at a meeting, watching the sunset, waiting for a bus, use your imagination).

The Challenge escalates over the 30 days as follows:
• Day 1-10: 10 reps of dynamic squats each day, 1 static squat for 10 minutes each day, and/or 3 random squats scattered throughout each day.
• Day 11-20: 20 reps of dynamic squats each day,1 static squat for 20 minutes each day, and/or 5 random squats scattered throughout each day.
• Day 21-30: 30 reps of dynamic squats each day, 1 statis squat for 30 minutes each day, and/or 7 random squats scattered through each day.

I have created a group FB page dedicated to the 30-Day IMF Squat Challenge. Let me know if you would like to join the 30-day IMF Squat Challenge FB Group and I will send you an invite to join the group so you share your experiences with other members. Use this Secret FB Group to introduce yourself, commit to the challenge, and describe your experience during the challenge. Please know that FB Group membership is not necessary to join the Challenge. You can participate in the Challenge as a private, personal activity of your own. The Challenge is designed to get you comfortable with squatting so you can make it a life long habit. Happy squatting! 

Tips for Squatting
 A basic squat looks like this:

a. Stand in good posture with your legs shoulder width apart from heel to heel. Bring your toes out slightly wider than heels. A rule of thumb is toes out at 30º. Keep your heels on the floor

b. Squat down by pushing your knees out to the side and pushing your hips back at the same time. Think of sitting on a toilet. Keep your upper body straight and your head neutral (look at a fixed point in front of you but keep the entire spine, including the cervical spine, in a straight line from top to bottom. Don’t bend forward (this will stress the knees).

c. Bend your knees until your break parallel, that is, your hip crease is lower than the top of your knees when looking from the side. If this is not possible, widen your heel stances, increase your toes out position and push your knees out harder.

 d. Return to the starting position by reversing the steps for squatting down. Drive your hips up. Keep your chest up. Push your knees out. Come up to standing.
e. If you are doing squat repetitions, don’t pause at the bottom, use momentum to return to a starting position. Start with 10 repetitions. Improve your form with each repetition. Increase your repetitions as you continue your practice.

f. If you are doing a static squat, stay in the down position for an extended period of time, 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes, at least once a day. Very challenging for most!

g. You can vary this squat by moving into and out of a squat with hands on the back of a chair, on a counter, or on the wall.

If you want more information about squats, including some IMF movements that help you get ready to squat, please check out my IMF blog post by clicking  here.

Let the Oov Help You Move Better
  I am now working with the Oov in my own practice and in one-on-one privates sessions with clients. The Oov is a revolutionary tool that works by activating core muscles while also gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication, offering significant benefits for spinal health.

Moving while on the Oov allows and requires assessment and correction of instabilities, balances, and compensation at the level of the nervous system, without thought. In a sense, the body teaches itself to move more intelligently.

It can be very effective to add the Oov to a Pilates practice on the mat or the apparatus. Anytime the Oov is added to a movement practice, it will improve the results.

I am weaving the Oov into the work I do to help my clients with pain-relief, injuries, and performance. Just like any tool, the Oov is not everybody. If it sounds like it might be right for you, contact me to make an appointment.
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