Happy New Year From Ansuya.com!
I'm super excited to be kicking off the New Year brimming with new ideas of how to bring the beauty of Bellydance into the lives of my dedicated online Bellydance class students! Not yet a member? Join me on the leading edge for Bellydance empowerment, training, and fun as we dance our way into the future! Below are the brand new classes posted to Ansuya.com for January 2014 as well as a sneak peek on what online members can look forward to throughout this magical New Year!

Just Added To Online Bellydance Classes At Ansuya.com:
Bellydance Choreography with Burlesque Touches & Feather Fan 
New Finger Cymbals with Moves Class
Triple Threat Workout Combo
Ansuya's Gypsy Sugar Collection Close Up: Five Ways to Wear Tribal Lace Outfit
All this added to over 100 Bellydance instructional / performance / lifestyle videos! 
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Sneak Peek Of What's To Come For Ansuya.com Members:

New Empowering Choreographies in Ansuya's Seven Chakras Bellydance Series

New Bellydance Fusion Combos in The Fuse with Ansuya Bellydance Series

New Floorwork Classes with Ansuya

New Zills with Moves Classes with Ansuya

New Fusion Choreographies by Ansuya including Indian, African, Spanish, Gypsy, and Tribal styles

New Prop Choreographies by Ansuya including Double Cane, Double Sword, Double Spanish Fan, Simultaneous Zills with Veil
New Ansuya's Gypsy Sugar Collection Close Ups
All this in addition to the over 100 videos already on Ansuya.com including easy to follow focus classes for beginners, workout drills for intermediate students, make up classes, costuming classes, creating sacred space classes, behind the scenes footage, exotic travel footage, and Ansuya's performances around the world! 

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Sneak Peek Of What's To Come For Ansuya's Private Facebook Group Exclusively For Online Members:

Continued Extra Bellydance Tips

Continued Bellydance Lifestyle Advice

Continued Topics to discuss with Ansuya and Fellow Members

More Free Contests and Give Aways

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Sneak Peek Of What's To Come For 
Ansuya's Bellyskype Students: 

Basics for Beginners

Combos for Intermediate Students

The Ansuya Bellydance Certification now featuring class notes! 

The all new Ansuya Bellydance Instructor Certification

And now teachers can register with Ansuya Choreography to teach for profit! 

Want more information? Go to: Bellyskypes.com

Sneak Peek Of What's to Come For 
Ansuya's Powhow Students:

Ever Changing Weekly Bellydance Empowerment Workouts to keep your fitness fresh in 2014! 

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Help Our Online Family Grow! 
As a thank you to Ansuya.com members, you are now eligible for a free month rebate anytime and every time you recommend a friend to the site who signs up! Let's make 2014 a record year of growth for our cutting edge site that you make possible with your love and support! Just recommend Ansuya.com to your friend and if they sign up, email ansuya@ansuya.com with their name to receive your rebate! 

From My Bellydance Home To Yours!

On a personal note, it here is a photo of the warmth I am grateful to have enjoyed for the holidays in 2013: 
And a fresh look for my home studio for 2014: 
I hope your holiday season was merry and light and that Ansuya Productions helped make your year bright!  

Looking Forward to Helping All Your Bellydance Dreams Come True in 2014! 
Love, Ansuya