January 2018
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Best Wishes for 2018

As we begin 2018, we'd like to express our gratitude to our 
patrons, vendors and team. 
We couldn't ha ve done this without our loyal community. 
Thank you!

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Free Range Reservations

As a reminder, 
Members can reserve
a lane online for free. 
Non members pay an additional $10 for online lane reservations.

All reservations must be made a minimum of 4 hours prior to arrival.

Bulls-Eye League
Bulls-Eye Shooting League!

Registration Now Open
League runs February 21 to March 28 
6 Weeks -
Starts weekly at 6:00 PM 
Best to arrive by 5:45PM to get checked in)

$15.00/person Registration fee (Waived for Members)
$12.50/person per week (min $50 per team)

No caliber restrictions -    
Pistols Only
*Anyone wanting to use carry optics will run the scenario at 18 yards 
Contact Kim with questions or to Register
(775) 826-2626 Extension 13 or AA@RenoGuns.com
Training Opportunities
Great training options in the upcoming months 
all levels of experience 
and ages!
Training Schedule, Availability, Reservations
   Call to schedule 
training for
Private  groups or individuals
Training Manager - Extension 20

Not sure where to start?
No problem!  
Our  Intro to Handguns and  Youth Firearms Safety are great training and/or gift options!
Stop in or call and speak with one of our staff.  We'll be able to offer suggestions, address concerns or answer questions.  We're here for you.
Tr aining Manager (775) 826-2626 Ext 20
CCWSafe - "Defending Those Who Are Forced to Defend Themselves"

National Legal Defense Memberships

CCWSafe.com/RenoGuns  - Plans start as low as $129 per year.  

Military Night and Ladies Nights
Tuesdays - Military Night  
 Thursdays - Ladies Night 
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
50% off Range Fee & Gun Rentals (excluding NFA)
* In addition, we offer Qualified LE & Military 10% off an annual paid membership.
Vist our Website RenoGuns.com

Free for members | $10 for non-members
Minimum 4 hour notice required

Most rentals are one for $10 three for $25 (plus ammo) 
Most Machine Guns are $35/magazine (includes machine gun & in most cases 28 rounds)
The Browning 1919 (belt-fed) is a new addition to our list

Shop our  Warehouse Inventory  
* No shipping fee * on In-Store pick ups
The warehouse inventory link 
is also 
at the top of each web page for your convenience.

Please call us at (775) 826-2626 ext 100 or email Range@RenoGuns.com
if you have any problem with the website
Recalls & Safety Alerts
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While we try to keep this list current, it may not be complete.  Manufacturer websites are often good resources to learn about recalls or safety alerts.

Phone Extensions
(775) 826-2626
Hours & Directions

Jay - Training Manager
2 Range Desk
Ken - Range Manager
3 Memberships
Tyler - Sales Manager
4 Training
5 Sales

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