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April 2017
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Building Skills at the Camp JORI Waterfront

A few times a day, I walk down the hill to the Waterfront to see what's happening. This past summer I walked down on the last day of programming during the first session. Walking down the hill I heard cheering and the counselors on the left dock calling for Captain Howie. It was a girl from the Darom Girls 1 cabin who had been trying all summer to catch her very first fish. She finally did and wanted to take a picture with Howie and the fish!

After rest hour, I walked down again and watched as two Tzafon boys perform a flawless T-style kayak rescue the last step in achieving the Silver paddling award. Howie helped them celebrate by taking them on an extra long tubing ride.

The third time I walked down that day, I walked out on the right dock where Howie was looking through binoculars at one of our sailboats. It was one of our LIT Boys with Jack our sailing instructor taking his Captains test. Howie watched as the boat passed it bow through the wind and the sail changes to other side of the boat. The boat started its return trip back towards camp. I hung around long enough to watch Howie tell the campers he had passed his test and could now take out the sailboat by himself!

At Banquet the next day, these campers all got certificates of achievement signed by the Camp Director and Captain Howie. Their ear to ear smile said it all. All of these campers and dozens others got to have fun and grow their skills at the waterfront all while being safe and with friends. 

Aaron M Guttin
Assistant Director

Matzo Crack S'mores Recipe

It is finally Springtime and camp is just around the corner. Here is a recipe for Passover that is sure to get you in the camp spirit!

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Are you or someone you know looking for a fun and incredibly rewarding summer experience? Join the Camp JORI staff this summer. We are currently interviewing for the  following positions:
* Camp Photographer 
* Pool Director   
* Teen Coordinator
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Sunday, May 21, 2017 2-4pm   
Come down to JORI for a tour and to meet staff, counselors, campers and camp families!
Label Everything!!!
New bathrooms are underway!!!
We are thrilled to report 
that fifteen of our cabins are receiving total bathroom renovations! 
The work is well underway and we look forward to showing off the new bathrooms this summer!
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