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"Spread a ripple of kindness each and every day"

Healthy Living
Project Impact

With Bluff Creek Elementary and Yoga Bella/Cynthia Kim  
Yoga Bella was asked to partner with Bluff Creek Elementary school in Chanhassen to produce a video of kids doing yoga, for the purpose of promoting healthy living and the positive impact health can have on the brain.  Cynthia enjoyed working with these amazing kids and teachers.  Check out this inspirational video!
Thank you, Cynthia, and for the opportunity, Bluff Creek!

Ayurvedic 101: 
Spring cleaning isn't just for your closets-your yoga practice needs a refresh, too, says Larissa Hall Carlson, of Yoga Journal . Warm up with 3-5 rounds of your favorite Sun Salutation, and use a robust Ujjayi pranayama throughout to ensure physical warmth and enhanced mental focus. Click the link above for poses to practice this spring. 
Revolved Chair

Happy March!  Spring is surely upon us.

"Perhaps the earth can teach us.  
As when everything seems dead
And later proves to be alive."
-Pablo Nerud
Like fresh new buds of a tree or the first signs of crocuses that emerge from the earth, whenever you feel defeated, know that from deep within a stirring will allow you to burst forth with new life.  May you be energized by your practice this spring and breathe in a newfound sense of being very much alive.

See you on your mats!

Denise, Debi and Carole


We are honored to partner with Mind Body Solutions, local non-profit adaptive yoga studio. Join us in the month of April for a YOGATHON. Click here to learn more, including how to get a "passport" to local studios, or follow the fun at our Facebook Page.

Prenatal Yoga - Now on Thursdays

Prenatal yoga has moved from Wednesday evenings to Thursday evenings, beginning 3/16 - same time, same instructor.  Any expectant moms-to-be are welcome at this nurturing class, with Jennifer Hanson, from 6:45-8pm. No previous yoga experience is needed. Many moms-to-be are concerned about the physical environment in the yoga studio.  Yoga Bella does not offer hot yoga, but instead, makes sure participants are comfortable in the space, and are able to move, stretch, breathe, and relax in a "just right" temperature controlled room.  Prenatal yoga offers a supportive and relaxing environment to build strength and awareness, calm the mind and body, and connect with baby. The class combines gentle poses, relaxation, and breathing techniques designed to ease and prevent the discomforts of pregnancy and prepare for childbirth. Pre-register below or come a few minutes early to register in person!
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Admit One
Admittance to Minnesota's Landscape Arboretum and Yoga Bella Vinyasa class, Sunday, April 9th at 12pm with Denise.  Class will be held in the Tea Room and will move to an outdoor location if weather permits.  Please arrive 20 minutes early. Enjoy the Arboretum grounds before and after class.  Next Yoga Bella class at the Arb is Sunday, May 7th in the Sensory Garden at noon.
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Valid for Sunday, April 9, 2017