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What are YOU Thankful for this Thanksgiving?

"I am extremely thankful for all of my family and friends who supported me giving this year, because they are giving me the opportunity to be their hands in doing God's work in Philadelphia. Regnum Christi‚Äôs mission of forming future missionaries within communities so that after we leave the mission stays, is possible because of you. Thank you."

 ~Cole Scherber, RCMC Missionary

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from all our Missionary Teams

Marissa Rogers, Elizabeth Engbarth, Chris Connelly, Franz Hurd, Joseph Rice (Rosana Mendoza not pictured)

Cole Scherber and Luke Chmiel
Mafer Palacios, Ashlyn Brundy, and Fiona Keller

Fernando Saucedo, Mary Haily Derrick, Benedikt Esterl, Fer Galvez, Michael Perenich, Rebekah Neiser

Mirjam Kempinski, Makenzie Kathman, Michael Quinn, Philip Lovely (Tom LeBlanc, not pictured)

Ana Paula Sanchez, Miriana Reyes
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