Dear Friends and Family,

While it was a year of tremendous loss of many loved ones, we became full of gratitude for their love for us and all they gave us.

Jim, our Founder and my best friend
once said...”Keep the GRATITUDE ATTITUDE” and it will carry you above all else. And so in keeping with his suggestion and our Villa tradition, we will share our 44th year of our Villa Gratitude meeting from 11 to 1 on Thanksgiving Day.
One cannot leave there without feeling a heart full of gratitude. Open visiting finds all our guests with parents, children and loved ones sharing a day of love and gratitude ...open mike finds parents grateful their son is alive and here, a child so happy to see Mom sober, tears of gratitude flow freely as we go around the room. All are grateful for the simple basics of love and family.

Completing the day is a home cooked, family style turkey with all the trimmings prepared with love by our phenomenal Villa chefs!

All of this was our Jim’s Vision of hope and help when he first dreamed of having a haven of hope for alcoholics and their families.

Though we miss Jim and all who are no longer with us, we are so grateful to carry on his legacy and mission!

At this time we also thank each and every staff and resident both past and present who was and always will be part of the Villa history and love!

Thank you one and all and a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

Love, Sue and your Villa Family