As we purposefully move to the end of 2017, we can report to you that we are quite well and enthusiastically hopeful.  We are anticipating even greater achievement and innovation in the coming years.

But, before we go there, let's, just for a second, reflect on how far we've come just in 2017 and celebrate those achievements.

A lot, and we mean A LOT, has happened and it has been all wonderful.  Okay, a little bruise here and there, but nothing serious. Below are just a few of the hundreds of highlights we can share:

Kids at Hope Barrels Through 2017
  • Our Master's Institute was nothing short of spectacular as were our Time Traveler Summit; Building HOPE Together community events; and our Mini Masters in FL. 
  • The Soul, Science, and Culture of HOPE Symposiums (for our Greek friends "symposia") with Antwone Fisher and Rick Miller were hosted seven times across the US. Each was powerful and poignant.
  •  Kids at Hope University - the training arm of Kids at Hope - "graduated" over 5,000 caring adults as Treasure Hunters and Hopeologists this past year.
  • Our annual Board Retreat held in Tacoma, WA, proved once again the importance of leadership at the national and local levels. Dr. Rick Fabes, director of Arizona State University's School of Social and Family Dynamics'  presentation about the proposed Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of HOPE, was powerful and inspiring.  
  • We finished this past FY well in the black. Speaks volumes about where we are as an organization. 

Arizona Highlights...
  • We are getting ready to sign our fourth contract with the AZ Supreme Court. This contract brings to the table all the service providers who are contracted with the court to work with adjudicated youth. That totals 78 current contract providers.  This is a remarkable achievement.
  • We connected this year with the Maricopa County, AZ (fourth largest in the US)  Health Department and its director Dr. Bob England. Our goal to advance the notion of HOPE as a public health issue. Dr. England participated in our Master's Institute and contracted with KAH to sponsor workshops for their provider agencies.
A National Movement
  • We began new efforts in TX, IN, NM, CT, NV, and the San Carlos Apache Reservation while also extending our reach in our current states including NY, MD, VA, FL, AZ, and IL. We are circling back to help many of the other states we have supported, but due to local leadership change, we sometimes lose our footing. Most recently, we had an inquiry from Maine. 
  • Our work in Oregon, Wisconsin, and Washington State is expanding via education, juvenile justice, and recreation sectors.
Final Thoughts...

Our research conclusions continue to revolutionize the
understanding of child and youth development:

  1. It isn't the risk the prevents children/youth from succeeding - it is the absence of HOPE.
  2. We don't control much of the risk youth experience but we do control much of the HOPE.  
  3. Hope is taught and learned.
  4. It's not program or curriculum alone that makes the greatest difference in young people's lives, it is adult relationships.
Those conclusions helped to establish the KAH strategic cultural framework wherein an entire community can support the success of all youth, without exception by


Once those elements are in place you introduce programs and curriculum.

Next year and the years following offer great promise for what we represent.
Stay close and fasten your seat belts . . . That was the past, can you imagine the future?  We Can!!

We are definitely

See you at the MASTER'S
May 7-11, 2018 ~ Phoenix, AZ

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