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Lance Luke on set with Brian Tracy To Co-Author A New Book,
"Beat The Curve".

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This occurred just last week on November 18th on the TV set of the Brian Tracy Show! My interview was recorded in the birthplace of California and the home of Brian Tracy International, in the city of San Diego!
This show was produced by Nick Nanton, a three time Emmy Award winning director. What a great guy too!
Brian Tracy is a Top Best Selling Author of over 70 books. He is also a Seminar Leader and a highly acclaimed motivational speaker.
Brian's interview delved into my background in construction and success in the construction management business. He enjoyed hearing about my services to the community, and helping clients restore value to their buildings. He was amazed at hearing one story where I helped a client condo association save $265K on a roof shingle warranty claim.
We also talked a little about my new book "Beat the Curve" which was co-authored with Brian, and is set for publication in early 2016.
My television interview with Brian Tracy will soon be seen early next year on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates around the country.

In San Diego, while touring the city and checking out some buildings under construction I noticed that the cluster of buildings consisted of a hotel, courthouse, shopping center and restaurant. It is like a small town within a big city and very practical.  Naturally I also checked out a bunch of restaurants for good eats. Within only a five block radius, I counted over 40 restaurants! San Diego may very well be not only the birthplace of California but the birthplace of a plethora of all kinds of restaurants operating within short distances of each other. If you want American, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, it's just next door.

Mingling with Best Selling Authors from around the world, I met doctors, software developers, motivational speakers, real estate brokers and financial planners.

It was an exciting experience to walk the red carpet of Premier Experts and participate in various photo and video shoots. However I am still not used to the hair and make-up sessions! Now I know what my wife goes through getting ready for date night while I just run a
comb through my hair and put on a clean shirt.

One of the highlights of the trip was visiting an office building that I was the project manager on in downtown San Diego many years ago in 1982. The design was ahead of its time in that the building envelope was constructed of all reflective glass which is the most popular Architectural design seen today. Thirty-three years ago it was the very first building in San Diego that was
designed with a both a rooftop helipad and underground parking.
The front lobby attendant was surprised when I told him I was the original
developer of the building.  He said the building is well built and has withstood the test of time.  That brought a smile to my face even when I realized I had walked a good 7 miles away from my hotel and had to ask him how to get back. 
Please enjoy this Holiday Season with friends and family. And remember to meet old friends and make new friends along the way.

Lance Luke

I no like brag but here's a Brian Tracy exact quote...... 


"Lance Luke is one of the very best construction managers, and experts in construction in the country today."

Brian Tracy  

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