Happy Thanksgiving from the


In this time of gratitude, we give thanks for YOU! We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our clients is something for which we are especially grateful. 



Of all of the holidays, the one that seems to give people the most anxiety about packing on pounds is Thanksgiving. I am here to tell you not to worry! Enjoy yourselves today and eat all the stuffing and pumpkin pie that you need. It's only ONE meal out of the year!


Our social and emotional and physical connection to food is so strong, that it is important to not deprive yourself of the family Thanksgiving feast. After working so hard all year, it's perfectly fine to enjoy yourself during the holidays! The body transforms based on fuel intake on average. It's okay to occasionally indulge, just don't be completely thrown off track by one splurge. It's the effort made over a period of time that has improving effects on your FAB BODY. Once your done feasting and ready to get back on the bandwagon, put on your workout clothes, and make it out to one of our awesome classes!


Our gym is a 2,400 sq ft studio specializing the most exhilarating group fitness classes! The workout is intense, the music is loud, and the energy is high, to leave you with a "workout high" like no other! If group exercise is not for you, our private training studio awaits you as well with the most fabulous personal trainers!

FAB BODY BOOT CAMP - Begins Tues, Nov 27th
Deanna Jefferson, Owner
Fab Body Factory
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