Laurie Franklin, Rabbinic Intern and Spiritual Leader
February 22, 2018       7 Adar 5778
Har Shalom WEAKLY: Purim e-Dishin'
What's this business about pigs? Last I heard, they aren't kosher and we don't eat them. Is that why they are so happy? Oink.
Do not come to the Har Shalom library for this popular film and discussion series about Holy Land archaeology. It's not happening.
Right. Stay home. Read a book. Do your toenails.


Be sure to come on time to services if you are planning to say Kaddish because we will begin Kabbalat Shabbat with the final hymn and Kaddish this weak.


Don' t you hate how hard it is to start the little string on the top of the dog or cat food bag (or chicken feed) and get it to pull off nicely in one smooth pull? It pulls off part way and then stops, and worse still, it breaks off and then you have to go hunting for scissors or a knife to finish the job? Don't you LOVE accessible kibble? (Shofar roll here: Teh-kiiiiii-yaaah!) Introducing "TORAH KIBBLE", easily accessed bytes of Torah that require no manual dexterity or scissors. Stay tuned.


Purim is the right time to recognize that despite the female-gendered Hebrew name, Shekhina, prefers the pronouns "they, their".  They are revealing themselves to us on this Purim holiday with great hopes for our continued re-unification in the days, weeks and months to come!

Purim Party!

Saturday Evening fun Feb. 24 at 6 pm 

Hamantaschen, Ad-hoc-hysterical-participator y Purim spiel, Klezmer music, dancing, outrageous costumes. Yup, we do it with full-on gusto! Bring a dish or your favorite humantashen to share.


Beit Midrash Does Megillah

Join us as we read the last five chapters of Megillat Esther together (Last week, we explored the first five). Soup and salad at  6 pm, learning at  6:45 pm. Come!
Questions? Email Laurie  at .

Atidaynu this Sunday

Pick yourself up off the floor after the Purim party (just kidding) and come to Atidaynu on  Sunday Feb 25 at 10 am.  

B-mitz kids: please finish your homework. See our special Atidaynu email for a reminder of the details.

Saturday Service Time Changes in March

After an open comment period with the membership, we have decided to hold our First Saturday Shabbat Services at  9:30 am, beginning March 3. We will keep the start time for Friday Evening Shabbat services at 7 pm. Thank you for letting us know your preferences.

Har Shalom Values Now on Web Site: Feedback, Please!

We are featuring the new draft of Har Shalom's values on our web site. Each month, we will feature one of the six value statements on our home page, asking for your reflections and suggestions. This month: Hazana!
Please go to our home page at to see this month's value statement, and follow the link to the full draft.

Paper Clip Project: 
shiny or dull, they will be loved

Jennifer Wakeman is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at McLoughlin Middle School in Pasco, WA. They started their unit on the Holocaust. As in previous years, her kids are in complete shock and have so many questions. Just as it is hard for adults to grasp, the kids have such a hard time realizing just how big of an impact the Holocaust was. To help them understand, and to physically see just how many lives were impacted, Jennifer's two ELA classes are partaking in the Paper Clip Project. They are looking to collect 6 million paper clips to represent the 6 million Jewish lives that were lost during the Holocaust. 

Each year the school holds a "Museum of Hope". Students create unique projects on the Holocaust and it is always an emotional event for the school. This year, Jennifer's classes will be showcasing their paper clip project.

Here's how we can help: Donate paper clips or a small monetary value for Jennifer's classroom project. Any amount is helpful. 

Place your contribution in the mailbox beside Har Shalom's Office door with a note to let us know it's for this project. Thank you!

Calling all Youth Musicians! 

Har Shalom is looking to create our first ever Youth Klezmer Band! We are welcoming youth ages 10-18 who have some musical and music-reading experience and are interested in further exploring and connecting to their Jewish heritage through music. Bert Chessin, our in-house music historian will be conducting and supported by Lida Running Crane. 

Please invite your Jewish friends both inside and outside of Har Shalom to join in this fun celebration of culture! Practice times and performance opportunities TBD by those interested. We are in the exploratory stages and welcome feedback and questions. If your child is interested in joining, please contact Lida at

Hebrew Club News

There are now 2 groups in Hebrew Club.  They both meet at the same time;  Friday  at  5:30 pm  in the Har Shalom Dining Room and Library.  One group is for Extreme Beginners.  We will be learning to write and recognize letters  and read sounds.  The other group is for Medium to Advanced Beginners who want to learn more Grammar  and passages out of the Prayer Book. 
All are welcome!

This Week's Activities

Friday, February 23

                   5:30 pm     Hebrew Club   (2 Levels)
                                           Beginner - Writing Hebrew Letters
                                           Beginner - Grammar & Prayer Book

                       7 pm      Kabbalat Shabbat / Ma'ariv Service
                                           Followed by Oneg

Saturday, February 24

                      10 am        Torah Study
                        6 pm        Purim Party

Sunday, February 25

                         10 am      Atidaynu

Monday, February 26

                        6 pm       Beit Midrash

Tuesday, February 27

                     8:30 am     Jewish Meditation Group

Wednesday, February 28
 Fast of Esther Ta'anit Esther
                Erev Purim
Thursday, March 1       


Coming up at Har Shalom 
Back by Popular Demand: 
Announcing New Poverello Center Volunteer Opportunities!

As we roll into spring we have two upcoming dates for volunteering to serve dinner from the Pov kitchen (yaay!). We are looking for a small group of 3-4 people each time to serve on the meal line. Please contact Lida at if you yourself are interested in joining or you have a group of family or friends you would like to volunteer with on  Sunday, March 4th  or  May 6th at 4:45 pm  Spots go quickly as this is a fun and engaging event! Must be 18 to join. 

Har Shalom community members and friends, 
we are at a crossroads.

The Board of Directors needs the input of the whole community to navigate through a difficult challenge.

For years we have maintained a visible presence in Missoula at our synagogue on Russell Street.

And for years we've been blessed with the spiritual leadership of Laurie Franklin.

But we are a small congregation with limited financial resources. 

The Board of Directors is calling a meeting so that we can fully inform our members of our deliberations and solicit input from our community, so that we can be assured of representing your wishes.  

Please join us at 1 pm on Sunday, March 11, for coffee, dessert, and a much needed discussion about the future of Har Shalom. 

Another Evening of Mishpochah Megillah
(Family Storytelling)
Please join us to smooz and nosh on some potluck snacks
When:  Sunday, March 17th at 7 pm when Holly Kingsford will be sharing about her life and Jewish family experience. 

Where: Har Shalom

How: Sign up with Lida Running Crane: to host a future evening (May 5th remains open!) to share your family stories, to select a film to show and discuss, to offer a subject on which to build a discussion relating to your connection to Jewish story, read a short story or poem and discuss, show family film footage of interviews or family history, bring in a family album to share and tell the stories that accompany it, tell the stories that defined your childhood, your family's history, of your journey of Jewish identity through food. All stories are welcome!

Who : Everyone! Please come, bring your family, your children and your favorite storyteller. Please bring a friend or someone from Har Shalom whose stories you would like to hear. If the discussion is not appropriate for children, we will be showing Jewish-themed children's films in the other room!

Why: To build a sense of community through telling the stories that define a diverse and yet shared history and to explore what makes up our contemporary Jewish identity by building space in our lives to share these important stories with each other and our children.

Call for Participants: Missoula Discrimination Video Project

YWCA Missoula's Racial Justice Program is producing a video that will highlight personal narratives of those who have experienced discrimination in Missoula. The video will feature short narratives with community members of different backgrounds. In April 2018, there will be a community screening of the video and a panel discussion, held in conjunction with YWCA's Stand Against Racism. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of discrimination that exists in our community, promote and validate the voices of individuals from various marginalized groups, and act as a catalyst for community change.
We are looking for participants who are willing to share their own experiences of discrimination for this project. We anticipate that participants will need to contribute up to 5 hours during the interviewing and filming process. This is a volunteer initiative with the possibility of a small stipend. To learn more, contact Lydia Schildt, YWCA Missoula Racial Justice Coordinator, at  or (406) 543-6691.

Help Puerto Ricans Get 
Safe Drinking Water

My rabbinic association, OHALAH, shared this link for an indegogo campaign to raise funds for portable, innovative water-purification systems to bring potable water to Puerto Rico.  I donated. Please consider it.
"You donate $11.50 and a person without access to clean water in Puerto Rico will receive a LifeStraw Filtration system that will purify up to 1000 liters of water. It's that simple." 

Jewish Meditation Group Invitation: Tuesdays 8:30 to 9:15 am
Please join with us to share a time of mindfulness, a time to let go of the "to do" list of our busy lives. We begin each meditation by focusing and centering on the breath to ground us and become present. We are currently using simple chants from Rabbi Shefa Gold to join together and come more deeply into sacred presence. As we chant we listen with the ears of our heart to these words and see how they both bless and challenge us. As we take these words as our intention (kavannah), we settle into the silence, to simply be in the presence of Source. Everyone is welcome!

Oneg Providers Needed!

It is our tradition to sponsor an oneg (the festive offering of food after a service) for a special occasion, such as a birth, birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, or new job. It's a mitzvah to share your joy with the community!

Please call Holly Kingsford at 207-2078  if you would like to bring Oneg. 
Thank you!

Do you shop on-line at

If you do, you can join their program and direct 0.5% of your order to Har Shalom at no cost to you.  Select "Congregation Har Shalom", location: Missoula, MT, as your supported charity.  Then, when you go to A  to make a purchase, you will be directed to a different site,  for 0.5% of your purchase to be added to the Har Shalom contribution.

Laurie's Office Hours: 

Laurie's office hours are by appointment on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,  1:30 to 6 pm and other times by special arrangement. To make an appointment or to meet at another time, please l et Laurie know at  or  406-546-9368 .

Office Hours with our Administrator Ari Margo are currently by appointment. You can reach him at to set up a time to meet. 

Har Shalom is supported by its members and donors.  Thank you.

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