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Hello Athletes! Below is a overview of upcoming events and some cool new announcements. 

This run is sold out for 2015 but we are starting registration for 2016 in early December of this year. Be sure to keep an eye out and register early. Race layout will be sent out one week before the event. 

This will be the first year we are introducing the 24 hour option. Who's in? So far it's none. I know you're out there though and cannot wait to see who can do what. This year we are also including a firework show at the 12 hour mark on top of the big hill. It will be a great spectacle to watch from the comfort of a bonfire. This event is a very hard run, but is also a big party as several teams camp out. Don't forget to bring your favorite dish as this run is all about the community.

The beast is back. This year will include a very small trail change to all distances but nothing too dramatic. The 50k will start an hour earlier than the other two distances for this year. I have also heard rumors that a man on a horse will be making an appearance.

This year several of the entry packages will give you a chance to win entry into the iconic 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  Signups are now open so go  check it out!

The CPSR will take place on the 28-30th of August in 2016. We are working on an adult run camp during the event for those that would like to hang out but also get some miles in. 

For 2016 we are adding a 14 mile course!!! This will be the perfect training event for all paddlers doing ChattaJack. Currently, we are working on approval and hope to make the announcement soon.

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