Hello Athletes! Below is a overview of upcoming events and some cool new announcements. 


Hey, Trail Runners! 

Are you willing to run today for the sake of a better tomorrow?  You are?!  Wonderful!  So put Saturday, May 6th on your race calendar for the first annual  Fields-to-Farm, a fast afternoon trail race that leads to a playful party with a powerful purpose all evening long.  

HardWin Adventures has partnered with  Edible NashvilleOld School Farm, and  Nashville Foodscapes to provide a cultural solution to some persistent local problems: hunger and food waste.  For just a $50 entry, you'll not only get a great 5k or 12k trail race at Bells Bend Park, but you'll also enjoy the post race fun at nearby Old School Farm with a beer ticket for a Jackalope, a small bag of organic produce as a finishing medal, and a snack ticket for a meat or veggie pie from  Chef Kirstie Bidwell and the kitchens of The Old School Restaurant.  (Top runners win organic CSA  baskets!)

Also at Old School Farm that evening will be live music and a number of organizations working to address food waste and mitigate hunger.  Visit their booths to learn about what they're doing and, to support them, try your hand at "The Giveback Garden Game," a fully voluntary bit of "fun-lanthropy" that is basically corn hole meets trivia night.  For a donation of $10 or more, players earn bean bags by answering multiple choice questions based upon the good work our participating non-profits are doing.  The more bean bags a player sinks, the greater the chance of winning prizes such as a foodscaping from Nashville Foodscapes!  %100 of funds raised through The Giveback Garden Game go to address local hunger and food waste issues!  
So c'mon, everybody!  The race to make Nashville a better place is on!  Join us for the Fields-to-Farm.  We'll see you there!

The Natchez Trace Trail Run will join the ranks of the nation's most legendary ultras.  I mean, it's the FREAKING NATCHEZ, man!  It's just sitting there in our backyard, beckoning us to add our own footprints to its centuries full of stories.    
This year, a bus takes the marathoners to the end of the trail, allowing our 26.2 mile friends to run the entire course and experience all its twists and turns!  We also have added an extra 5 mile option at the end of the ultra, giving runners the choice of whether or not to bag a full 50 miler and deeply impress us all.   Remember, it's Natchez anybody who can run the whole thing:-)


Bad news.  The Stage Race -- that hot beast of a three day sweat-fest -- is back.  This event more than eats its young: it clubs them; skins them; cooks them; nails their hides into a tree.  
Sound good?  Of course, it does -- you're a trail runner.  So sign up to show this beast who's boss. This year we have included several new options for food and camping, giving runners more control over what they want. 
Yes, this event features three days of tough trail running, but that's how you make it to the water slide finish line and the big field parties which follow.  
See you on the battlefield of mud, sweat, and beers.

Registration is up!  As you well know, this event sells out quickly so signup soon. This year we will be busing all participants that are doing the half to the other side of the course to do the full half marathon. It's pretty special. 

The MCTU happened just a few weeks ago check out the pics here, and results here!

Ragnarok is up and better than ever. The event is now a full on charitable event and we could not be more excited.  We are excited to see everyone out on the rocks competing. 

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