Dear members and shoppers,

We have heard some positive feedback about the first edition of our new weekly bulletin.  We hope that this proves to be useful and informative for you.  As members of the Board and management, we will do our best to keep this information timely and relevant.

At the request of many members, we have decided open up our books and share financial information with our members on a more regular basis.  In April, we started including a monthly financial report in the member sessions of our board meetings. These reports are included in the minutes that are published on our website. Now, we are going one step further to make our annual financial statements available to members as well. If you email with your name and membership number we will be happy to email you financial documents dating back five years, once we confirm that your membership is active and the shareholder is the one requesting the information.  It has been too long since this information has been open to the members and we are committed to increasing the communication between the members, the Board, and the management of the Co-op.

This week we have received a $50k loan from NCG (National Co+op Grocers). CFNE (Cooperative Fund of New England) has also released the final $20k  from their loan to Harvest.  These funds are being set aside to ensure the continuous operation of your Co-op.  We have been running on a very thin budget and have had no financial reserves in case we had an emergency situation such as cooling systems or computer servers going down.  With this money set aside, we can ensure that Harvest will make it through the slow summer season and have a chance to implement new strategies to better control our costs, increase sales, and start turning the Co-op around to better serve our dynamic community.  

Board elections are being held at the Annual Meeting in October!  The date of the meeting is still being finalized but we are looking for you to run for one of the five open seats on the Board.  Are you interested in being more involved in your Co-op? Do you have skills in business, community organizing, communication, or other areas that would be useful in governing Harvest? Click here to get the election packet.  If you have any questions or trouble downloading the packet, please contact the Election Committee Chair Lydia Peabody at, or reach out to any current director.  Packets are also available in both our stores.

Thank you all for your support of Harvest.  Together, and only together, will our Co-op be the vibrant community resource we all want it to be.


The Harvest Board of Directors and Management

  3815 Washington Street - Jamaica Plain
580 Massachusetts Avenue - Cambridge