Harvest News
         November 2017
Sharing the beauty of Fynbos & Australian natives, especially the family of Proteaceae!
The Grateful Table
It's always a treat to attend 'Farm to Fork - Field to Vase' events, but this week, in a vineyard right on the 50-yard line between Napa and Sonoma, CA, the human spirit came together in a very unique and special way. Over 500 people gathered in the Napa-Sonoma Wine Country community to honor and support people affected by what was the largest wild fire in the history of California. Farmers, chefs, floral designers, and tourism officials, were in attendance and most importantly, the first responders, the fire fighters, police force, EMTs, even dispatchers who received 1000's of phone calls for help amidst the October blazes Read More>  
How to: DIY Fall Wreaths
Aren't fall wreaths the best? We sure think so, which is why we recently hosted the 2nd annual wreath making workshop for California Women for Agriculture - San Diego Chapter (CWA). This event helps CWA raise funds for the organization and lets members create somethings special for their home. With a mixture of proteas in an array of colors and shapes to leucadendron and colorful fall foliage and fruit, wreaths were made by the dozens and good times were had by all.  Read More> 
A Symbol of the Harvest
The cornucopia, also called a horn of plenty, was traditionally made of a goat's horn overflowing with fruits, flowers and grains of the harvest. It symbolizes abundance, prosperity and good fortune.  At what time the cornucopia made its way into our country's consciousness as a Thanksgiving holiday symbol is difficult to say. But with its meaning of abundance and good fortune, the horn of plenty is now a symbol of Americans' thoughts of thankfulness.  Read More> 
Events: Crafting Cornucopias  
Come holiday season, we're busy elves here on the farm. While brainstorming ideas for our holiday bouquets and wreaths, we decided to break out the clippers and wire, and get hands-on. Here's what an afternoon of arts and crafts (and plenty of laughs) looked like at our recent Cornucopia workshop.  Read More> 
IPA: Explore the New Facebook P a ge & Instagram
Absolutely Love Protea? If so, then you need to check out the new International Protea Association (IPA) Facebook Page and Instagram. In September I traveled to South Africa to attend the IPA Co nference and Pre-Conference Tour. During my visit I had the opportunity to tour several protea farms and meet some amazing farmers from across the globe. Feeling extremely inspired by my new friends and hating the idea that it would be at least two  years before we'd meet again, I wanted to find a way to stay in touch. After reaching out to the IPA members in attendance, creating an International Protea Association Facebook Page and Instagram was the solution. It's our hope that these platforms would provide us all a way to stay connected between conferences.   Read More>
The California State Floral Association presents... CaliFlora 2017 California Styling 
This Month at the International Floral Trade Center in Carlsbad, CA, we joined our friends from the California State Floral Association for CaliFlora 2017 - California Styling. The two-day program included the California Certified Florist Exam, Hands-on Design Workshops, Student Design Competitions, the 44th Annual Top Ten Design Competition, and the feature show: "European Floral Décor for the Season" presented by Rene' van Rems, AIFD Read More> 
Resendiz Brothers' Wreath Workshop 
Our kind of welcome... Protea Wreaths! Clear skies and warm autumn temperatures greeted guests as they enjoyed a wreath making workshop, along with a tour of the nursery, a peak in the packing house and some tasty treats.  Read More> 
Mel's Field Note s
Hello Friends!  
Gratitude. That's what the month of November is all about. And, this November was no exception, we had so much to share and to be grateful for!
Our 2018 calendar is finished and we created a beautiful book about the farm and flowers we grow.  In addition, its been fun gathering with friends during the wreath making and cornucopia workshops held here on the farm. I've seen so many gorgeous wreaths being created... definitely adding to our holiday spirit around here.  It was also great to catch up with friends from the California State Floral Association at CaliFlora 2017. I enjoyed watching as Rene' van Rems whipped up festive wreaths, centerpiece designs and hand-tied bouquets. Loved the holiday inspiration!
Our annual fall cleanup... weeding and re-planting is behind us and we've started planting seeds and propagating cuttings. Fields are starting to take-on color once again... the leucadendron Inca Gold is turning yellow and the waxflower is blooming in shades of white, pink and lavender. And there's a fabulous assortment of protea, like the red queen Ceres, hot pink Brenda and creamy-white sugarbush.
Employees are getting ready to go home for the holidays and looking forward to spending time with their families. There is a sense of excitement and joy in the air as we look forward to the month of December and the New Year!
Warmest thoughts and Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season!
                    Hope you enjoyed this Newsletter!
                      The Resendiz Brothers Team
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