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Creme Fraiche
From Snowville Creamery
Creme Fraiche is a rich sour cream and can be used in any application where you would use any other sour cream product.  Snowville Creamery's creme fraiche is incredibly good, we encourage you to give it a try!
Featured Vendor / Producer:   
Szagorski's Peppers
Szagorski's Peppers was inspired by a family recipe from Eastern Europe that has been around for generations and enjoyed in the U.S. since 1975. Szagorski's uses a unique mixture of ingredients along with hot Hungarian Wax peppers and variety of spices that presents a distinctive sweet and spicy flavor that is like no other.

Their product is currently being sold at several locations throughout Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Maryland and Indiana.

Szagorski's fresh and straight forward list of ingredients contains no artificial preservatives and simply includes: Water, Vinegar, Hungarian Peppers, Sugar, Garlic, Spices, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Szagorski's tries to not take things too seriously (after all we're talking about pickled peppers here) so instead of formal recipes, here is a list of some of their favorite things to put Szagorski's peppers in, besides directly into your mouth.

Chicken Pesto Pizza - Sauté chicken with onion and fresh garlic, basil pesto instead of tomato sauce, add your favorite toppings including Szagorski's peppers of course.  Szagorski's likes cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach.  Top with freshly shredded Mozzarella cheese before baking.  Deeelicious!!

Roast Beef Sandwich - Lean roast beef with all the usual fixins but add onion, horseradish and Szagorski's.  WOW!

Dogs 'n' Brats - For a whole new taste sensation at a barbeque or tailgate.

Szagorski's Blue Burger -  Add Szagorski's Peppers to any burger.  This one has blue cheese...yum.

Omelets - everyone loves omelets with lots of stuff inside, why not Szagorski's too?

Quesadillas - Of COURSE!

Meat Loaf - Livens up most any common comfort food.

And last but not least, Filet Mignon a la Szagorski's!   Filet Mignon cooked to desired tenderness topped with a mild cheese such as Havarti and plenty of Szagorski's Peppers.  Great with a slightly chilled bottle of Pinot Noir...Bon appétit!!

Food Facts

Creme Fraiche

What's the Difference Between Sour Cream and Crème Fraîche?
While sour cream and crème fraîche are both used to add richness and tangy flavor, are they really just the same thing? And is it worth paying the premium for crème fraîche?

How They're Made
Sour cream is made by adding lactic acid culture to cream and sometimes milk to thicken and sour it. In France, crème fraîche was traditionally made from unpasteurized cream that naturally contained the right bacteria to thicken it. Since our cream is pasteurized here, crème fraîche is now made by adding fermenting agents with the necessary bacteria to cream.

The Differences Between Sour Cream & Crème Fraîche
Sour cream has a fat content of about 20% and may include ingredients like gelatin, rennin, and vegetable enzymes to stabilize it and make it thicker.
Crème fraîche has a fat content of about 30% and does not contain any added thickeners. Crème fraîche is thicker, has a richer flavor, and is less tangy than sour cream.

Which One Should I Use?
Choosing between the two all depends on how you plan to use it. Because sour cream has less fat but more protein, simmering or boiling it will result in curdling, so use crème fraîche in sauces or soups instead (unless you just stir sour cream into something once it's cooked and off the heat).

If using in a salad or as a topping, they're pretty much interchangeable and the choice is yours - some people like the tanginess of sour cream, while others like the richness of crème fraîche.

Since crème fraîche is a specialty grocery item and costs more than sour cream, think about what you're making so you make the right choice at the market!

What To Do With Leftover Sour Cream / Crème Fraîche

1. In Casseroles: We could see it working well in casseroles like baked mac n' cheese and green bean casserole.
2. In Sauces: We already like using ricotta to finish off a pasta sauce, so why not sour cream? We can also stir it into a pan sauce at the last minute to add thickness and flavor.
3. As a Dessert Topping: A dollop of sour cream can make a nice contrast to tangy fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and mango. We like it with a little brown sugar whisked into the sour cream.
4. In Baked Goods: This will take a little more planning on our part, but there are plenty of muffin and quick bread recipes out there that use sour cream. We're thinking of this Sour Cream Maple Cake from Epicurious.
5. In Dips: And of course, if nothing else, there's eating sour cream by itself with maybe a few seasonings folded in for good measure. 

Source: thekitchn.com


Whipped Cauliflower with Crème Fraîche

Serves 4 to 6

1 head cauliflower, stem removed and head chopped into florets
1/4 cup chicken stock
2 large garlic cloves*, peeled
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt**, plus more to taste
Freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons crème fraîche*

Combine cauliflower florets, chicken stock, and garlic cloves in a large microwave-safe bowl, cover with a microwave-safe lid or plate, and microwave on HIGH until the cauliflower is very tender, 10 to 12 minutes. (Alternatively, place cauliflower florets and garlic in a steamer basket over boiling chicken stock; cover and steam until very tender, about 15 minutes.)

Use a slotted spoon to transfer the cauliflower and garlic cloves to the bowl of a blender or food processor. Add the Parmesan, salt, and black pepper to the cauliflower and blend on HIGH until the mixture is velvety and smooth, about 1 minute.

Fold in the crème fraîche and season with additional salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm.

*These ingredients can be found at Harvest right now
**Flavored Salts available that would work well in this recipe

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Harvest @ The Woodward

Harvest is pleased to announce that as part of our Local Foods Initiative that we will begin offering various classes to the public allowing you to learn more about your food and where it comes from.  Some classes may focus on helping you grow / produce / cook your own food, while others will focus on educating you on how the food that you purchase is grown / produced and brought to harvest. We've also had classes about health and nutrition.

We are looking for people who would like to host classes! If there is a subject that you are passionate about and you'd like to share your knowledge, please contact us and let us know! Classes do not necessarily have to be food related, if you have an idea please do contact us.

Classes can be paid for by cash, check or credit card unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming Class List:

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You can still purchase Cat's Meow Village Keepsakes 
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Local Historian Aubrey Brown is selling Cat's Meow Village Keepsakes of the Knox County Infirmary as a fundraiser to purchase an Ohio Historical Marker to commemorate the poorhouse.  If you would like to purchase one, we have them in the store at Harvest.  If you simply want to help make the Historical Marker a reality you can always make a donation, every dollar is a dollar, and is appreciated.   Learn more...
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