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Here's a little reminder about what it takes to get from here to your dreams: 

Courage is the root of all freedom.

It takes courage to dream big dreams... no matter your past, circumstances or what others tell you.

It takes courage to go after what matters.

And when the going gets tough and obstacles crop up, it takes courage to press on.

Any time you go after what you really want, your doubts and fears will surface.  That's just part of the experience.

You must start ignoring the voices that say "turn back" or "give up now" or "this is too hard."

It is courage that keeps you moving forward.

So when you think about it, moving towards freedom requires daring, every step of the way.

Daring to dream. Daring to begin. Daring to keep going and stick with it until you reach your goal.

And as you exercise your muscle of daring and courage, you will find freedom on the other side.

And it's the sweetness of that that freedom that is worth everything it took to get there!

Have A Truly Magnificent Monday


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