Sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

WalkPHX Wednesdays!!!

March 2, 2018

Thanks to the nice crowd who joined us 
Monday for our MMDT finale!

We already have more than 50 registered 
f or WalkPHX Wednesdays. More fitness fun!!
Scroll down for Food Truck Schedule...Yum!
WalkPHX Wednesdays, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, offers a FREE social/walk run through downtown Phoenix. This program launches on Wednesday, March 14th and continue on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Margaret T. Hance Park (67 W. Culver St.). WalkPHX Wednesdays takes you on a 3.2-mile loop through Downtown Phoenix, and through three downtown Phoenix Parks. Enjoy rotating food trucks at Margaret T. Hance Park for some delicious local food, while socializing with other like-minded folks who want to be fit and healthy just like you. Get fit, make friends, win prizes.
FREE parking. Please register today!

To learn more about our many programs and opportunities, 
please visit our website at Phoenix.gov/parks

Check Out the Food Truck Schedule 
for WalkPHX Wednesdays!
March 14th - Local Lunchbox Sandwiches 

 March 28th - Hummus Express Mediterranean 

 April: 11th - Different Smoke BBQ 

April 25th - Off the Hook Fish Tacos https://www.facebook.com/offthehooktacotruck/

May  9th - Costantinos Italian 

May 23 - Satay Hut


Walking the MMDT finale. See you at WalkPHX Wednesdays!!
Farewell MMDT, and welcome WalkPHX Wednesdays!
Congratulations Charles!! Thanks for being so patient with us, while we were getting you a shirt that would fit you properly, Thank you for being a regular participant at MMDT and we hope to see you at Walk PHX Wednesdays.

Thanks, Fired Pie!

Thanks again Fired Pie!

See ya, MMDT. Hello, WalkPHX Wdnesdays!